Social Deception Among US: The Unofficial Among Us Map

The Social deception game Among Us has been blew up at the recent time; it has becoming one of the largest games on the Twitch. This resulting a burst of the creative energy likes the cosmic rays from the supernova. This can be except memes and has the inevitably led to the, Among Us recreated in the VRChat. This was with a full 3D version of the Skeld map, cards to swipe. Social Deception Among US

Social Deception Among US
Social Deception Among US

Wires to connect and the buttons for the push. The player can actually play the game like Among Us, which has the imposters, murders, and the voting rounds.

Despite the name, the players could not to play VRChat with the VR headset.

So it was possible to experience the 3D Among Us map on the monitor like the other game for the play. First, the players have needed the VRChat, which was free-to-play on the Steam. When it has been installed, the player can launch the Among Us world.

There or just search the “Among Us” name in the world browser of the installed app.

The map has been made by the Jar.

Who builds the VRChat game worlds with the bit of funding through the Patron. The entire game has not been redesigned in 3D.

But the players can actually play the rounds of Among Us in it. I tried the game to play (without a headset).

And as of the two imposters, I managed to kill the two crew mates. The players who can use their microphones to speak.

And are not just making the weird noises (The VRChat is a place for free expression) to speak.


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