Skyesports and MOGO Unite to Elevate Collegiate Esports in India: Introducing the MOGO National Championship 2023

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A major esports and gaming firm, Skyesports, has partnered with MOGO, a collegiate esports competition platform, to co-host the eagerly awaited MOGO National Championship. This collaboration represents a big step forward for Indian esports. This joint initiative seeks to develop talent at the community level and close the gap between conventional sports and esports in India and its surrounding areas.

The MOGO National Championship, which is slated to run from September 18 to September 22, will pit 16 colleges against one another in the well-liked game VALORANT, with a sizable INR 10 lakh (£9,629) prize pool on the line. The 2000-seat arena at the Lovely Professional University in Phagwara, where the action-packed event will take place, will serve as the venue’s battleground for these collegiate esports fighters.

Over 100 teams competed for a coveted berth in the qualifiers, making the road to this renowned competition anything but easy. Only the top 16 teams, though, have succeeded, and they are now prepared to compete in an exciting single-elimination bracket final to decide who will win the MOGO National Championship in its entirety.

This competition shows the potential of Indian collegiate esports to compete with traditional sports and is a key milestone for the industry. By putting the MOGO National Championship in the coveted “Elite Four” conference championship schedule, Skyesports and MOGO hope to elevate it to the same level as renowned sporting occasions like volleyball, basketball, and kabaddi.

Skyesports is ideally placed to lead such initiatives given its history of successfully organising esports events across India. They pioneered the Skyesports Masters, India’s first franchised CS:GO league, and in June 2023, they pleased fans by bringing back the Skyesports Champions Series.

Words Of Skyesports Owner : Shiva Nandy

Shiva Nandy, the founder and CEO of Skyesports, showed his excitement about this ground-breaking partnership when he said, “Having a well-developed ecosystem for collegiate esports is crucial to nurture talent and expand esports from the grassroots level. With its pan-Indian format that includes the LAN Finale at the LPU and targets all significant universities, the MOGO National Championship is achieving precisely that. I wish the 16 college teams playing in the inaugural Finale the best of luck and am looking forward to working with MOGO to create additional collegiate competitions.

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In fact, the MOGO National Championship offers prospective esports athletes a thrilling chance to succeed and compete at the top level. This competition, which has the backing of Skyesports and MOGO, should provide up-and-coming players a chance to demonstrate their abilities and possibly earn a reputation for themselves in the rapidly expanding esports industry.

The collaboration between Skyesports and MOGO highlights their common dedication to developing talent and advancing esports as a respectable and genuine form of competition. Fans and competitors alike can anticipate an exhilarating esports spectacle as the MOGO National Championship unfolds, one that not only honours talent but also promotes teamwork and expansion within the Indian esports community.

The scene is set for a memorable esports duel that will have a long-lasting effect on the Indian collegiate esports scene as the countdown to the MOGO National Championship gets under way. The future of esports in India is more promising than ever thanks to the backing of these two industry titans, and this event may very well serve as a stepping stone on the way to esports being an essential component of the country’s sporting culture.

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