How To Get Skull Punker Bundle In Free Fire?

In Free Fire a new event has been arrived called new Faded Wheel event where you can grab a premium outfit called Skull Punker (a male bundle). In this article I will let you know the complete procedure on how to grab this brand new Free Fire Skull Bundle of this faded wheel event in FF.

EventFaded Wheel
Start DateOctober 06
End DateOctober 12

How To Get Skull Punker Bundle?

Step 1: Log in to the game
Step 2: Click on Luck Royale
Step 3: Tap on Faded Wheel banner
Step 4: Remove any 2 items that you don’t like > confirm
Step 5: Spin with diamonds

If you are the lucky one, there is a chance that you will get Skull Punker Male bundle. Remember one thing it is totally on your luck, it is not sure that in 2-3 you are going to get this set. The rewards included in this event are:

  • Skull Punker Bundle
  • Pet Food
  • Imperial Rome Weapon Loot Crate
  • Disease (Surfboard Skin)
  • Diamond Royale Voucher
  • Bonfire Playcard (3Days)
  • Captain Summer (Parachute Skin)
  • Cube Fragment
  • Star General Weapon Loot Crate
  • SVD – Viper Gangster

Note: Prizes already obtained will not be repeated. Diamonds required will increase with each draw.

How To Get Skull Punker Bundle In Free Fire?

Skull Punker Faded Wheel Prizes

Here you get the facility to eliminate any two unwanted items from the listed 10 items. Eliminating those items will increase your luck of getting this bundle in min spins and without spending more diamonds.

According to our expectation you might get the Skull Punker free fire bundle by 8th spin. If you don’t get, then try doing 1-2 more spins.

The cost of spin will increase after every spin you make. The prices increase are following:

1st spin0 (Free)
2nd spin9
3rd spin19
4th spin39
5th spin69
6th spin99
7th spin199
8th spin499

This is the complete guide to Skull Punker Bundle from faded wheel event. If you have any query or want to drop any suggestion, please drop them in the below comments.

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