Similar games to Far Cry

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There are many players who want to play the game similar to Far Cry. The many players who want their game-play to be different and best among all the other players. There would be many other players also who want other options also in the game to play and enjoy the fun. This is the list of the top games that the player will play in their PCs, and get the best gaming experience. Far Cry is distinct in the way its worlds are built, with an emphasis on exploration and crafting, combined with intense storytelling.  Similar games to Far Cry

Similar games to Far Cry
Similar games to Far Cry

Fallout 4

Bethesda’s success story of 2015, Fallout 4 is a brilliant first-person survival shooter that has many similar elements to the Far Cry franchise. Complete with an inventory system, crafting and a sprawling world filled with multiple factions.

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Players who love the Far Cry franchise can thoroughly enjoy Bethesda’s rendition of Boston and its surroundings.


Cult classic Crysis was developed by Crytek and released by Electronic Arts in 2007 to critical acclaim. The game was notorious for being impossible to run on the hardware available in 2007.

Thereby giving rise to the ‘But can it run Crysis’ meme.

A few years down the line and with PC’s becoming more powerful.

More gamers can now experience the sandbox-ish open world of Crysis. Similar to Far Cry 3, players are airdropped onto an island and must fight to survive.

Metro Exodus

Publisher Deep Silver struck gold with the Metro franchise, drawing many fans of the survival FPS genre to play their creations. With Metro Exodus, instead of the standard linear formula that they followed for the previous games.

The developers opened up the game world much like the Far Cry franchise.

Scavenge, loot and survive in this first-person shooter, but be warned, post apocalyptic Russia is unforgiving.

And isn’t for the faint hearted.

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