Shiny Pokemon From Kanto in the game

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Shiny Pokemon From Kanto in the game


The Venusaur truly looks shiny. Venusaur is clearly one of the best-designed Shinies of the Generation I Pokemon shinies. This dual-type Grass and Poison-type Pokemon is very strong with a base stat of 525. Venusaur, also known as the Seed Pokemon, is a Generation I Pokemon that is loved by most. With a vibrant green color to really give the player a special view of this Grass and Poison Pokemon, it also has the strength to match its stellar appearance.

Red Gyrados

Gyrados itself is a Water and Flying-type introduced in Generation I. Gyarados has a base stat of 540 along with worthy Pokemon like Milotic, Snorlax, and Magmortar. While the fanfare behind this elusive Pokemon is well deserved. The Shiny Gyarados isn’t even referred to as a “Shiny Gyarados” most times, people just say Red Gyarados, and it’s automatically known what it means. The Red Gyarados is probably the most popular Shiny Pokemon throughout the whole series.


Shiny Charizards’ colors may have changed over the years but no matter what they are, Charizard is loved. While in Generation II, Shiny Charizard undergoes a design makeover.

Going from menacing black and red to a royal-looking Purple and Green.


The Dragonite has an impeccable base stat of 600, making it a powerful Pokemon and great for battle. While Dragonite is a Dragon and Flying-type Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon. While couple that with the dazzling look of this Purple and Green Shiny.

And you’ve got yourself a main Pokemon buddy for sure. As well as Dragonite itself has an odd evolutionary family by going from what looks like a water and dragon type Pokemon to a fully Dragon-type Pokemon.

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