Set up Still Slipping Los Santos radio station in GTA Online

As there was always new GTA Online’s Cayo Perico Heist update was coming, the Rockstar Games has added a new host to the new content to the title of seven year old. As apart from the heist, this new update has includes a lineup of new features which include the vehicles, music as well as the clothes also. Players must first repair 10 antennas across the entire map of Los Santos and Blaine County to unlock the radio station and get some sweet rewards. Still Slipping Radio is a new radio station included in GTA Online’s 1.52 update. However, getting access to it is not that simple. radio station in GTA Online

radio station in GTA Online
radio station in GTA Online

As the GTA Online gamers must have to travel to the all following locations and place to find all the aforementioned radio antennas:

  • Paleto Bay – On the roof of a building
  • Mount Chiliad – At the tram Station
  • Grand Senora Station – Rebel Station
  • Pacific Bluffs – On the roof of Kortz Center
  • Vinewood Hills – At the building near the Vinewood sign
  • Sandy Shores – Next to Trevor’s trailer
  • Burton- Roof of the mall, next to two large radio antennas
  • Vespucci Beach – On a building overlooking the workout area
  • Cypress Flats – On the roof of a building placed at the center
  • San Chianski Mountain Range, south of Grapeseed – At a fenced power station

As upon the fixing and finding of all the 10 antennas, the gamers will be pleased and greeted with the following text:

An additional GTA $250,000 and 10,000 RP also await players who take the effort to repair all ten antennas.

Players will now have access to the Still Slipping radio station that features over 30 brand new songs from well-known artists like Frank Ocean and more.


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