Season 17: Best vehicles in PUBG Mobile

hello, friends we all know that the players of the pubg will like to drive the vehicles in their game so here we can be going to the best and demandable vehicle of season 17 of the pubg so what are you waiting for let’s start the article and let us get known about those skins so what are you waiting. Best vehicles in PUBG Mobile

Best vehicles in PUBG Mobile
Best vehicles in PUBG Mobile

Golden Mirado

Gamers can find only one Golden Mirado vehicle in a PUBG Mobile map during matches. Those that can get a hand on it must maximize the car to its full extent. The car runs faster compared to the other vehicles available in PUBG Mobile. It is also the best vehicle to navigate through terrains and highland areas. The Golden Mirado can be found in one specific bungalow, and thus, heading there quickly is advisable for those who want to drive it.


The BRDM-2 is a massive patrol car that can navigate the map and wreck enemies in PUBG Mobile. It has an almost foolproof defensive covering that lowers the damage output from enemies. A squad of four can ride in this vehicle. The only downside is that they cannot aim or shoot while riding the BRDM-2. But in terms of defense, this car is difficult to take down.

UAZ (Jeep)

The UAZ is one of the most common vehicles seen in PUBG Mobile matches. Players who team up use it because of its four-seat capacity. Another reason is the potential to kill enemies along the way. UAZs are easy to drive, and enemies found en route can be struck while navigating the map areas.

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