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Season 14 Tier Drop System PUBG Mobile

Hello PUBG Mobile players, as you all know Season 13 is going to end soon, and Season 14 will be introduced in the game with a new Royale Pass, a new 0.19.0 update, and many other new features! Just like every season, this time also everyone will be demoted to the lower tier from the tier which he will be at the end of the season, Season 14 Tier Drop System PUBG Mobile.

What is PUBG Mobile?

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is an officially authorized combat and survival mobile game that brings you the 100% original classic gameplay experience from PUBG. Parachute into a spectacular arena with hundreds of other players, experience hyper-realistic weapon trajectories and controls, and explore tons of random exciting battleground elements from the original game on your mobile device. Enjoy life-like maps and buildings, vehicles that bump into obstacles in physically realistic ways, and highly immersive 3D sound effects. Start a chat with your friends anytime, anywhere, jump straight into battle or hide till the end — your game, your choice! This authentic gameplay experience will bring to you the freedom to try out different gameplay styles, and delight players of the original PUBG. Season 14 Tier Drop System PUBG Mobile.

Pubg Mobile Season 14 Tier Reset Or tier drop of the S14

Season 14 Tier Drops

  • Conqueror & Ace Silver 6*+ & Gold * ⇒ Platinum 1
  • Ace Bronze 5* & Silver 6* ⇒ Platinum 2
  • Crown 1 ⇒ Platinum 3
  • Crown 2 & 3 ⇒ Platinum 4
  • Crown 4 & 5 ⇒ Platinum 5
  • Diamond 1 & 2 ⇒ Gold 1
  • Diamond 3,4 & 5 ⇒ Gold 2
  • Platinum 1,2 & 3 ⇒ Gold 3
  • Platinum 4 & 5 Gold 1 ⇒ Gold 4

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