ScreaM expresses concern for core shooting mechanics in Valorant’s

Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom has expressed his feelings about Valorant. The professional player thinks that the game needs a few adjustments and wishes that shooting mattered more. ScreaM also thinks that a few changes will make it raise Valorant’s skill-ceiling and make it perfect. He strongly believes the slow movements, the tagging, and aim punch mechanics are “crazy” and “makes the game easy for everyone.” ScreaM expresses concern

ScreaM expresses concern

Background of ScreaM before Valorant

He was one of the best before retiring, and that had an impact on his Valorant skills. Hailing from a CS: GO professional background, it is quite natural that shooting mechanics matters a lot to ScreaM. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a team-based game that mostly capitalizes on players’ shooting mechanics and reaction skills. CS: GO is and always has been unforgiving for those who never adapted. It has a high skill ceiling, and every gun has difficult patterns to master. If he/she understands the agent well enough, it will allow him/her to overcome his/her shortcomings in the shooting. However, Valorant is much more forgiving. Where a player lacks in shooting, he/she can make-up by using abilities. The rest thought of Valorant as a cheap mash-up of CS: GO and Over watch. Ever since the trailer for Valorant was released, a lot of CS players had been waiting for its release, anticipating it to be much harder than Global Offensive.

Point of view of Riot

Riot Games has always been proud of its creation. Small and large adjustments have been made to both ability mechanics and shooting. Since Valorant came out, update after update has flooded in to make the game what it is right now. Whether they release a patch to make the game harder is yet to be seen. It is still unclear at this point how Riot will react to this tweet.

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