Samsung Galaxy Redesigns the store, having more focus on Gaming

Good news for customers who use Samsung Galaxy phones. Samsung Galaxy has redesigned its phone and this time this phone has been made keeping in mind the gamers. The biggest aim of this new design was that this phone could also satisfy its customers who want to play games on the phone. Samsung Galaxy Redesigns the store, having more focus on Gaming. Samsung Galaxy Redesigns the store

Samsung Galaxy Redesigns the store

Or give their time to play games in mobile. The developers of Samsung Galaxy has said that the players can download the games like Fortnite through the Galaxy Store.

Now the gamers also get this advantage. Recently the most popular Royal battle title was pulled from Apple and from the Google App Store.

Has over a legal battle for the revenue shares. The developers of Samsung claim that the Galaxy store was the only mobile app store.

That is able to download the Fortnite game for the players in the US. The redesigned Galaxy store has contains two interfaces having two tabs on the phone’s home screen.

These tabs contain the Games and the Apps. Previously, the apps had several tabs like Explore, Games, Hone, and even the Exclusives. The Samsung Galaxy redesigned version offers exclusive promos, rewards, and previews or the game to the players. With the help of the Samsung reward the players can raise their level up in the game, the gained rewards can be also exchanged on the next game to the user for the downloads, Samsung has explained all the things. The Apps section also has the tailored recommendation on the Galaxy phone.

Adobe Acrobat Reader app on the Galaxy Store offers the users 7 days free trial whereas the Touch of Modern app also has a 10% store credit back on all the purchases.

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