Reasons, why players start, Picking Skyler in free fire(How to Obtain Skyler in Free Fire)

Reasons for Picking Skyler in Free fire

Aggressive gameplay:- In the final circle of a battle royale game, Skyler can help players rush onto foes. His ability can aid them to destroy the cover gloo walls of opponents, providing them with an opportunity to eliminate them. Apart from this, the add-on advantage of healing can also come into the clutch and help them during fights.

Incredible ability:- Skyler has an incredible active ability named ‘Riptide Rhythm.’ It unleashes a sonic wave dealing damage to five gloo walls within a radius of 50 meters. Each gloo wall deployed will also increase the HP recovery of the players, starting from four points. It has a cooldown of 60 seconds, and the recovery effects do not stack. With the increase in the level of the character, the ability enhances.

Picking Skyler in free fire

How to get Skyler in your free fire id

As it is a top-up event, players simply need to have enough diamonds to buy the character. They can follow these steps to buy Skyler and his character bundle in Free Fire:

Step 1: Players need to run Free Fire and wait for the default loading screen to appear.

The Step 2:¬†They can then navigate to the diamonds icon at the top of the screen and select the ‘Top Up’ section.

Step 3: Gamers must then purchase 310 diamonds at once or buy 100 diamonds twice to top-up 200 diamonds in total. Once done, they will win the Skyler character as a reward.

Step 4: Users can then come back to the main screen and navigate to the ‘Events’ tab and then the ‘Superstar Top Up’ tab. They can click on the ‘Claim’ option beside the character to obtain Skyler. Picking Skyler in free fire

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