Reasons that why players should pick Jai in Free Fire

hello, friends we all know that free fire was the world’s best battle royal game all over the world and the free-fire was too famous for their characters each and every character has different character skill so that the free fire was famous. so let’s start the article and let us get known about that charecter. pick Jai in Free Fire

pick Jai in Free Fire
pick Jai in Free Fire

Ammo recovery

Players can use Raging Reload to regain the ammunition on every knock automatically. The primary reason for picking Jai is that it partially eliminates the need to reload or switch guns during duels. This feature can play a crucial role in close combat when players are rushing on to foes to secure a knock. They will regain some ammunition to fend off other enemies.

Character combination

Every character combination in Free Fire can have only one active and three passive abilities. Since Jai has a passive ability, it doesn’t block the slot of an active one, and hence, he can be combined with characters like DJ Alok and Chrono.

Aggressive gameplay

Aggressive players can make full use of this ability as they can rush on to foes without worrying about ammunition, which they can regain upon knocking down opponents. The ability also plays a crucial role if players are forced to fight in the early parts of games, when there is limited ammo, usually at hot drops.

JAI + Joseph + KLA + Miguel

Jai is the brand new character in Garena’s free fire. You can use this combination to Improve your close-range fight because this is the best character skill combination for the close-range fight. JAI help to get extra bullets after knowing the opponent. Joseph increases the movement speed in close-range fights. Kla help to survive without Guns And Miguel recover our HP from time to time.

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