Pubg YouTubers Who Have Most Subscribers

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hello friends we all know that Pubg was the most favorite royal game of the all over the world yes freinds so there are many people who wants to see the gaming videos of the pubg so there are many Pubg YouTubers . who make their gaming youtubers for us . so here I dedicate this article to whom who make the videos of our favorite games for us .

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Pubg YouTubers
Pubg YouTubers


Atro has gained a significant number of subscribers in the last few months, which pushed him to the top of the YouTube charts. The sniper skill of this PUBG Mobile streamer is worth admiring. He has an aggressive style of gameplay, which makes his viewers sit on the edge of their seats. Number of subscribers: 9.36 million


This streamer has great accuracy which is one of the reasons for being one of the most subscribed PUBG Mobile YouTubers. Players love his style of gameplay which is often exciting to spectate. His fast pace and gimmicks are what makes the videos even more fun to watch. Number of subscribers: 9.08 million

Dynamo Gaming

This Mumbai-based gamer performs well when it comes to sniping in PUBG Mobile. Dynamo’s communication skill is also a reason for his fan following. He used to play PUBG Mobile using an emulator, but has given up on it now. Number of subscribers: 9.03 million


Panda has a great aim when it comes to sniping, which is why he is appreciated by players all over the world. The fact that he plays without an emulator is also impressive. Panda also has high number of kills in pretty much every game. Number of subscribers: 7.81 million

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