Season 18 Release Date-Pubg mobile 1.3.0 Update Release Date

Pubg Season 18 RELEASE date has been found and if you can’t wait neither can we. Also Pubg mobile ver 1.3.0 is releasing soon read the article scroll down to find out the date. The game Pubg mobile India is also going to be launching soon and let’s hope it’s near as well. It is been banned quite a time now but Pubg korea is lifting all weight that pubg Mobile india had. Players are still playing the game without any effort on Korean servers.

Pubg Korea or Global version is releasing it’s 18th Season soon and we are excited to tell you it’s their 3rd Birthday. Pubg is going to be 3 years old (Feeling old yet?) For their third anniversary they are going to give you a free upgradable skin. That’s right for FREE, If you don’t know what is going to come in season 18. Then go read about the Season 18 leaks in Pubg mobile. You cann see there are 2 new Gun skins Mythical ofcourse first is AUG and other SLR. You can get 6 new Outfit from the Royal pass.

What is Release date for Pubg mobile 1.3.0 Season 18 ?

Release will be near March as pubg was launched in March 3 years ago. The Release date is 9th March 2021 for Pubg mobile 1.3.0 Season 18. Pubg India may or may not launch during this date but we can only hope for that. As season 17 is near to an End. Pubg will probably be the most played game in India. If it gets beaten by Apex Mobile or Call of Duty mobile. Apex Legends is also in it’s alpha stage and may launch beta gameplay from July or June. As you know on the PC side Apex Legends was the game that tookover Pubg Pc. We can hope that’s the case in Mobile world that apex legends mobile beats pubg mobile.

Season 18 vs Season 17 Rewards

Season 18 is the latest update releasing on 9th March and Season 17 is the current season. You can compare season 18 vs Season 17 rewards in Pubg mobile. Pubg season 18 will be the 3rd anniversary of the game and they are gonna release Mythical skin for free. You check out Other Leaks on our website. You can also click the Link here.

Season 18 Premium crates rewards

Season 17 is not What do you think About season 17 vs season 18 rewards for Pubg. Tell me in the comments below if you liked the new rewards in royal pass Season 18. The Premium crates will be good as well we have that as well if you wanna check it out. You are also gonna get a free mythical skin on M24 for Free in Lucky crates. Let’s hope that’s the case. As you know Release date for Pubg mobile ver 1.3.0 is 9 March 2021.

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.19.4 beta update, new helicopter, improved vehicles, a new location(Opens in a new browser tab)

Pubg Mobile Unban | Krafton Union working on bringing Pubg Back
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Is Pubg mobile India launching in March?

It’s really unsure about the launch date of Pubg mobile India in INDIA. Pubg mobile global is still under ban as per the Indian government. Pubg Mobile is ready to launch in India but hasn’t really done so. Hopefully we will get the game back around March which is the speculated date for it’s launch. But again this not confirmed yet but it’s just a hunch that it will launching soon. As pubg is nearing it’s 3rd year in the mobile gaming market. It is certainly the most played game in India after Free Fire.

Krafton Union on Pubg unban

The talks are that government is not going to allow Korean company, Krafton Union to lauch the game in India so soon. It is probably going to go through some twist and turns as the Krafton Union is also working with Tencent Developers for it’s global version. Krafton Union created India specific game and they are saying it will be handled 100% by their own. But the thing is that Krafton does pay Tencent for the new updates that they put in that’s why it is still banned in India.



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