Pubg Pc New Paramo Map Arriving | Volcanic themed Map Lava damage

Pubg pc is updating it’s game with new content every month to attract new players. This time around we have new Lava themed map called Paramo. Moreover the beta testers are testing it right now and open for beta testers. You can experience the new map dynamics in the beta servers or test servers if you are part of one.

Pubg new paramo map

If you are not one of the user don’t worry you will definitely get the update soon. This map can handle 64 playes short but high density fights with less area given to the map. You can expect hot fights and fast pace gameplay like warzone.

Paramo map Details

Map is 3x3Km wide with 64 players on ground to play a bloodshed gameplay. The map keeps on changing for everyone, everytime you drop to play the game. Similarly the building structure and house spots will change. For more Fair gameplay the patterns of house placement will change to make the game more interesting. And also the Volcano will spill it’s lava everywhere making the landscape impossible for walking or vehicles as well. One side of map covered by flowing lava with paramo volcano at the end outside the map.

Pubg Corp came up with a new currency system called G-Coin used for buying crates and not the Unknown cash. This map won’t be counted in for rank stats and will played on rotation. No need to worry about getting de-rank or loosing stats or gaining stats. The map will hit the servers for global launch on October 21 to play.

There’s also a new pass with Paramo-themed items to unlock. This is a shorter season than normal, running for only two months, so you’ll only need to get to level 50 to receive all the rewards. 

If you’d rather wait until the bugs have been cleared out, Season 9 is hitting live servers on October 21. In the meantime, give the patch notes a read.


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