PUBG: New State v0.9.23 Update Patch Notes (PUBG New State January Patch Preview)

PUBG New State Patch Notes preview update has been released officially for January 2022. In this article, I will be sharing all the new content that have been added at this update. Here, tons of new features has been released that you will be seeing if you have updated the or after updating the game. Let’s have a look at all the new in-game contents.

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January patch notes

1. New Mode: BR: Extreme

A new mode called BR: Extreme has been added into the Troi map, But the game experience of this mode is like the Battle royale genre where every round will be of 20 minuts and you have to compete with 64 players. When you chose to play the BR: Extreme mode the Battlefield will become smaller at any random location in Troi. In every match a new location will be picked by the game.

When you begin the game some equipments will be added to your backpack such as a P1911 handgun, 1smoke grenade, 300 drone credits and a fully charged boost meters.

Some additional features to the BR Extreme mode are:

  1. Increases vehicles quantity, items spawn rate
  2. Players will jump from the plane from a lower altitude to land ASAP
  3. Drone delivery is faster to get items delivered quickly
  4. The wait time before a teammate can be redeployed has been shortened to 60 seconds
PUBG New State New Mode: BR: Extreme

2. New Weapon: P90

A new gun P90 will be added in the game that will be using 5.7 mm ammo, and this new weapon will also be added in the Drone Store. It is a Sub Machine Gun that comes with a tier-2 transformative scope and a suppressor attached, which cannot be modified with other attachments available in the game.

PUBG New State New Weapon: P90

3. Gun Customizations

  1. DP-28 Muzzle Slot Access [C2]: After the customization, DP-28 will have the capability to attach a Flash Hider or a compensator. But it will also reduce the gun damage a little bit when these attachments are used.
  2. Beryl M762 Lightweight Stock [C2]: After the customization, Beryl M762 will have less bullet spread when firing from the hip or shoulder and also increase the ADS speed. This customization will also reduce weapon stability, which is a negative thing that you might face in the game.
  3. M416 [C1]: After the M416 customization, the bullet spread when firing from the hip and shoulder will be reduced.
  4. Beryl M762 [C1]: This customization will no longer decrease bullet speed.
  5. M16A4 [C1]: This customization will no longer decrease recoil control.
  6. DSR-1 [C1]: This customization will no longer decrease bullet speed. Instead, it will increase vertical recoil.
PUBG New State Gun Customizations

3. Actions & Animation Improvements

Parkour Roll: When jumping from a high building it is certain that you are going to deal with a high damage but a new feature Parkour Roll is coming to the gaming by which you can perform a roll to break your fall when falling just by tapping the roll button when you are about to hit the ground. By performing a roll you will minimize the fall damage, it is not only useful for jumping from a high building but also to get out from a moving vehicle.


4. Mode Balance Changes

  1. The overall speed of Blue Zone will be increased (Total duration: 90 seconds)
  2. The Blue Zone damage during the early to mid-game will be increased
  3. In BR mode, the Deployable Shield (Normal) will be removed, whereas the Deployable Shield: Wide Type will be available
  4. Customization Kit Spawn rate have been increased in this mode

5. Season 1 Begins

  1. The Preseason Tiers will be reset, and the tiers will reset globally and for every mode, depending upon the highest tier a player is reaching during the preseason.
  2. The final rewards for reaching contender, Master and Conqueror will be upgraded
  3. Match Scores and tier evaluation standards will be changed in order to make it more attractive
  4. A small amount of tier points will be rewarded upon selecting multiple maps
PUBG New State Season 1 Begins

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Along with all these updates there are some more major updates has been done via PUBG New State, so you can check them out at the official website. For now, these are all the changes that you will see in the upcoming version of PUBG: New State.

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