Best Settings for Pubg New State ( 3GB RAM Phones)

It has too long after the PUBG New State launch and many players are out there playing on low-end devices. So if you are also playing on a low-end device, especially 3 GB RAM phone then this article will guide you to set up the best settings of PUBG New State for 3 GB RAM Devices.

It is hard to get smooth gaming experience on cheaper phones and low-end devices with 2 GB or 3 GB RAM. So don’t worry about because this guide is going to be very much useful to fix the game lag experiences.

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The contains high and realistic graphics, that’s why the issue of lag is occurring on most of the devices, even on High-End phones. So these settings might help you to adjust the settings and get better results in the battlefield.

PUBG New State Best Settings for 3 GB RAM Phones

PUBG New State Best Settings for 3 GB RAM Phones

You see, it is not 100% sure that you will achieve lag free gaming experience, but I can say this will help you a lot. Let’s get into the customizations.

  1. Frame Rate – Low: Keeping high frame rate will deliver high-end output, which is not ideal for a 3 GB RAM device. So our advice is go with Lowest settings, as the quality might not be clean, but performance will be lag free.
    PUBG New State Frame Rate
  2. Graphic Quality – Lite
  3. Anti-Aliasing – Off
  4. Brightness – 100 (Keep it according to your need)
    PUBG New State Graphics Quality
  5. Screen Filter: It doesn’t affect game performance, so you can use any of them.
    PUBG New State Screen Filter
  6. Graphics API – OpenGL ES: By default Vulkan is set, but if you face any display related issue please change it to OpenGL ES or play in it only.
    PUBG New State Graphics API

These are of the recommended settings that you can use for 3 GB RAM smartphones. In case of any issue, please drop them in the below comments.

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