PUBG New State Best Graphics Settings

For budget phones graphics in games is a major issue that needs to resolved or might be ideal depending upon the device and as you know PUBG New State is marvelous game that requires high graphics device with powerful performance. In this article I will be sharing the best graphics settings according to your device.

The graphics settings described by me might not be 100% ideal, but you can make some changes according to the performance you are getting. Otherwise, the below settings are perfect. If you are playing PUBG New State my recommendation is to get a powerful device otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy how it should be.

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PUBG New State Best Graphics Settings

In performance section it has frame rate, means in which frame rate you want to enjoy the game. The higher the frame rate more resources it will consume so try to keep it low if you are playing on a budget phone but if you have a high performing device then Ultra or MAX is good to go.

PUBG New State Frame Rate

In Graphics Quality is also similar to Frame Rate, higher the graphics quality better the enjoyment but in return it will put extra load on the device. So we recommend you keeping it on Ultra or extreme.

PUBG New State Graphics Quality

Screen Filter has 4 sections Standard, Noir, Contrast, and Soft. If you are playing in soft you have to sacrifice lots of things, first your phone will heat up and secondary there might be issue of lag due to heavy internet usage.

PUBG New State Screen Filter

Graphics API is for those players who are experiencing display issues. So for all those players, it is recommended that OpenGL ES is a good choice.

PUBG New State Graphics API

If you have any query about the graphics settings in PUBG New State, please shoot your issues in the below comments. Hope you found this article useful. If you have any further query, please let us know in the below comments.

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