PUBG Mobile: Those Countries that have their own versions of PUBG Mobile

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Hello, friends here in this article we are going to tell you about those countries which owe their own version of the PUBG Mobile game. yes, friends the UBG in different countries have many different features so what are you waiting for let us start the article and let us get to know about those countries that have their own versions of PUBG Mobile.

their own versions of PUBG Mobile
their own versions of PUBG Mobile


PUBG Mobile also has a Vietnam version that VNG Publishing, one of the most prominent Vietnamese publishers, puts out. The game is optimized to cater to the country’s users, and elements like the UI and language are altered. Players from Vietnam can directly download it from the Google Play Store/Apple App Store. It is rated 4.2 and has more than 10 million downloads on the Play Store.


Taiwan is the last country on this list. Like the Vietnamese version, the TW or Taiwanese version is almost identical to the game’s global version but is optimized and overhauled to enhance Taiwan’s players’ experience. HotCool Game publishes this version of the title. Their own versions of PUBG Mobile. Which has over 1 million downloads on the Play Store and is rated 3.9/5.


In China, the renowned BR game wasn’t approved by the authorities for various factors. Tencent Games later announced that it would release the game under a new title, i.e., Game for Peace.

The hat would meet all parameters set by the authorities. To access the Chinese version, users require QQ or WeChat accounts. Moreover, the language of the UI is Chinese, and there is no option to change it.


PUBG Mobile KRJP is one of the most popular alternatives to the game’s global version due to the broader range of in-game cosmetic items like skins, costumes, crates, and more. Krafton Inc publishes it for users in Korea and Japan. It also includes a unique currency named Donkatsu medal, which gamers can use to purchase crates in the in-game store.


 Amid the ban of many Chinese apps, the PUBG Corporation last month announced that they would be releasing an Indian version of PUBG Mobile which will be known as PUBG Mobile India. However, the game is yet to be released in India.



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