Pubg Mobile Season 18: Rewards are Here! SKINS PREMIUM CRATES

Pubg Mobile Season 18: With the best Outfits, Vehicle Skins, and Gun Skins for Rp 100 Rewards for the new season in the game. Pubg Mobile has been banned but still is India’s favorite mobile game to play.

With this Season 18, they will mark their third anniversary in the Global market and so far it’s still making profits. Pubg Mobile for its 18th Season is going to bring some of the best Outfits for Rp Rewards that is Royal pass Rewards. There are also multiple New Gun Skins that will blow Your Mind. Ekdam Khatarnak as we say it in Hindi.

Pubg Mobile Season 18 Leaks 2021:

We have a list of all the new Skins, outfits, vehicles, and Gun Skins for the new Royal pass rewards system. As you know you have to buy Royal Pass to get all the rewards in any game. As the Free rewards are always the Worst. That’s why for Guys WHO DON’T HAVE ROYAL PASS, WE HAVE A LITTLE SURPRISE FOR YOU. Yes, that’s Right we are Giving Away Royal Pass in the Giveaway section of the website, or Just CLICK HERE

Skins and Outfits Season 18

Let’s start with the Leaks, now as you can see below outfit is looking great on the character and the color pattern is also looking good and above average. The Dp-28 has a brand new Skin with Season 18 written on it also looks great has some pinkish or purplish colors on it. Definitely, the skins look good not the new Dp-28 has some etchings or design on it as the 3rd anniversary is closing in for pubg mobile game.

Pubg season 18 Leaks 2021
New Dp 28 skin season 18

The Outfit looks good and also the color of DP-28 looks rare and not like a normal gun skin. Now you can also Look at the gun like the Pc game in Fpp mode as you can see below the gun looks good in Hand. Definitely you can see the season 18 sticker on the Gun.

Dp 28 skin

Vehicle Leaks for Season 18 Pubg Mobile:

First Skin is for Uaz and it Looks so Good with Flowers and the colors. This giving me kind of miami or florida vibes where there are just beaches, ocean and Flowers everywhere. Uaz Skin is for the Royal pass tier Reward maybe we don’t know yet. Skins are not verified for season 18 but can be dropped in the latest season no one knows. Skin is called as Amazing Journey UAZ.

uaz skin leaks s18

The Dacia Skin is called Red Panda and has some of the features same as the UAZ above. But the Skins look Good, what do you think about the skins guys please tell me in the comments below. This are all the Leaks of Season 18 maybe 19 Who knows these just surfaced out from the game beta version. Let’s hope that the skins will drop in this season that is 18 3rd anniversary.

dacia skin leaks

Green Carrot Fanatic Dacia is one of the skins coming to the new season 18. This skin looks basic and not a mythical item in the reward system and hopefully they give this skin out for free or free tier Rewards. Dacia skins look regular to me and not something that you can level up or anything.

dacia carrot skin

Bike Skins in Latest Season pubg mobile

You can Judge the Skins of the bike. This time around the skin is actual 3d skin that changes the model of the bike. There are a couple of new skins that can drop in season 18. First is the Flurouscent Jesterelle Motorcycle which looks kind of cool and shines a lot. The second looks sick and classy like a real superbike. it shines and has a red color and big body part to show others how you dominate in the game. The third is a simple White model like an old motorcycle but looks good either way. These are some of the best skins I have ever seen in the pubg life. Are these due to the 3rd anniversary or are they gonna drop them in season 18 who knows?

Outfits and Premium crates Rewards Season 18

There are ton of outfits which have been found these are some of them if you want to see all of them go watch the video given above. There are literally more outfits than no of skins combined for past season for vehicles. That is crazy and all the soutfuts look premium. This time around there are more female outfits than male and they all seem to be shiny and gold. some of them have been posted below you can swipe through those if you want. But wait there are more in the Video than the images here so go checkout Creative Pavan’s VIdeo in Youtube.

More Oufits Leaks Season 18

More of the over powered outfits here which seem heavy to buy. All the outfits look expensive and look in the mood of celebrating the third anniversary of Pubg mobile. Even if the game is banned people are still playing the game and still enjoying it.. Pubg mobile was the biggest hit game in India for mobile users. The game took over every other game. Call of Duty Mobile is can’t be beaten before it. It feels like Pubg mobile is the true King of mobile games. As the game is developed by Tencent games it is still banned. The indian version FAUG suffered through it launch as it showed some bug and glitches in the story mode gameplay.

Will you continue playing Pubg or will switch to FAUG when it will drop the multiplayer death mode like cs. Hopefully, Pubg Mobile India arrives till then which will most of the market from other games and will takeover India again. Will that be the case only Time can tell. Please drop you opinions on the skins and outfits please share this post with another check out our Youtube Channel. WHere we upload daily news on pubg Mobile Premium crate opening and more. I’m Going to start live streaming soon so be subscribed to the channel. We are Gonna do More GIVEAWAY soon so hit that red Button as fast as you can so you get a chance to win a royal pass if you want some of the skins posted above.



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