PUBG Mobile reduces the game’s file size

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PUBG Mobile reduces game’s file size

Over time, battle royal games have become quite prevalent on the mobile platform. Titles like PUBG Mobile have amassed a massive active player base. Its rise in popularity can also be credited to the regular updates that the developers bring in. PUBG reduces game’s size

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PUBG reduces game's size
PUBG reduces game’s size

Around a week back, the 1.1 updates made its way into PUBG Mobile, bringing several unique features and aspects like the Metro Royale mode. The Lightweight Installation Function was also added, reducing the game’s size. So friends do not hesitate and play your PUBG game very Easley and get the chance to. rank your game and let’s enjoy your game. and tag the screenshots on the website.

PUBG Mobile’s file size on Google Play Store reduced

As mentioned, the Lightweight Installation Function arrived in the 1.1 update and has led to the reduction of the game’s file size to 610 MB on the Google Play Store.

The ‘Download’ tab in the in-game settings

The ‘Download’ tab has been added to the settings of PUBG Mobile, where players can download/delete resource packs. This feature has undoubtedly enabled the users to manage and minimize the storage size of PUBG Mobile.

Moreover, they are provided with some rewards for downloading specific packs.

The developers have prepared two different sets of packs that players can download upon starting the game:

Players now only need to download the desired resource packs in PUBG Mobile. To begin with, they will only have the Erangel map downloaded in-game and will be provided with an option to download the others.

The developers have also introduced a smart delete feature that will recommend the users to delete unused resources. Gamers can check out the video below, by PUBG Mobile, to get a detailed look at the Lightweight Installation Function:


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