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Pubg Mobile Redeem Code For Today Only (21 July 2020)

PUBG Mobile has various items like costumes and skins that gamers can obtain, and most of these fascinating choices can be availed from the in-game shop using UC. These items are famous amongst customers as they are very appealing.

UC, however, is no longer viable for each and every participant, and hence, they seem for different approaches to achieve these objects free of cost. One such way is by redeem codes, which gives gamers a shot at incomes various rewards for free. But these codes have a utilization limit, so customers have to be rapid to redeem them.

Here Is Redeem Code For Pizza Helmet Skin

Redeem Code: BCAHZBZN4DR To Get Hot Pizza helmet skin
(Note : The duration for this helmet redeem code is only three days)

How to Use This Code To get Free Rewards Follow below Steps

Step 1: Visit the official PUBG Mobile redemption center. Click Here

Step 2: Enter all necessary details, i.e. the redeem code, the Pubg ID, and the verification code.

Step 3: After filling all the details, click on the redeem button. A dialogue box appears, asking players to verify these details.

Step 4: Then Open Pubg mobile and Go to In Mail and Collect Rewards

As referred to above, the redeem codes come with a specific usage limit. If gamers receive an error mentioning ‘Redemption restriction has been reached’, it means that the limit for usage of this code has been reached, and they can’t claim the rewards the use of this code. They will have to wait for the new code to come out.

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