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Pubg Mobile New Update Sandstorm Mode | New SANDSTORM Dynamic Weather on MIRAMAR

A New Beta in Pubg Mobile Chinese Version is coming very soon with lots of new stuffs. 
It will be a huge Update with a new map, new Mode, New Zombie mode, New Guns and so many new things.

What’s New Coming in Next Pubg Mobile Chinese Beta Update 

New Zombie Mode-

In This Zombie Mode There is Lots Of New Weapons Comes Like Below 

Win 94 With Scope

Win94 With Default 2.7x Scope is Coming in next chinese beta. You Can’t Detach the Scope. The Win 94 will be Miramar Exclusive Weapon. Win 94 will not spawn in any other maps. It will only be available in Miramar.

New Map Like TDM

New Map Name Likely AR_Library_MiniMap. Above Figure its first look of the new map.
More Info Available Soon Stay Tuned

New Mode SandStorm In Miramar

A New Mode namely Sandstorm With Dynamic Weather. Its Like The Winter mode in Vikendi but with some Changes.
Just Like Vikendi Winter mode there will be Storm of Sand in Miramar and you have to Survive that Storm.

Also, Here are Some Leaks Regarding Sandstorm

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