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Pubg Mobile Miramar 2.0, Win94 with Scope & More

Pubg Mobile Chinese Version Game For Peace Beta Is Out Today.
Pubg Mobile Miramar 2.0 added & More Features.
We have some images of the new beta and the Update Patch note.

Here Is The Patch Notes Of PubgCN Beta

What’s new: Classic mode Miramar map is newly upgraded to Miramar 2.0

  1. Map adjustment: adds a new oasis area in the north;
  2. Map adjustment: New city area in the northwest is added;
  3. Map adjustment: adds a speeding track;
  4. Map adjustment: Added some wilderness areas and road map adjustments in the entire map.
  5. Adjusted the structure of some buildings.
  6. Firearm upgrade: Win94 comes with a unique 2.7x scope, and only the desert map can be brushed. Win94 sniper rifle;
  7. Brand-new gold muscle sports car ( golden Mirado ); can be found only in the garage of hacienda…… ….. of Miramar ;
  8. New vending machines and energy drinks or painkillers can be randomly obtained from it. Eight bottles of luck can be obtained at once Drink

Miramar 2.0 Images is Below

Added Rampages in Map

Water city Miramar

Win94 With 2.7x Scope

Golden Mirado

New Circle Zone System

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