PUBG Mobile Lite vs Free Fire

PUBG Mobile Lite Vs Free Fire both the games are top trending number one 1 in the world. The Downloads of both the games are in hundreds of millions. but the lite version of pubg is in trend after the ban of pubg mobile in India. so in this blog article, we are going to discuss and know the. quality and graphics of both the game and compare which one is best than others.

so let’s start and let know the quality of display and gaming quality of both the games PUBG Mobile Lite Vs Free Fire.

PUBG Mobile Lite Vs Free Fire
PUBG Mobile Lite Vs Free Fire

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When we take a look at the graphics of both the games, PUBG Mobile Lite provides a more realistic sight of the battlefield as it functions on the Unreal Engine 4. On the other hand, Free Fire has a little cartoonish graphics but offers fluid gameplay.

It comes to a matter of preference for the users to determine which game has better graphics. If one wants a more realistic experience, PUBG Mobile Lite is the go-to game for them. However, if they desire to enjoy animated visuals, then Free Fire is the better option.

Apart from the graphics, Free Fire offers users with several unique aspects like characters and pets with special abilities. In contrast, PUBG Mobile lite has a vast arsenal of weapons for the players to fend off the foes.

PUBG Mobile Lite Vs Free Fire
PUBG Mobile Lite Vs Free Fire

Both the games stand their ground quite well and are insanely popular on the mobile platform. In the end, they provide the users with an immersive battle royale experience, and the final choice is totally up to the users.

download pubg from here

download free fire from here

note:( pubg is ban in India so will in against to play pubg in India because we are with the rules of the government. and if many ones will find playing pubg or pubg lite in India he or she will punished with a great amount so I request all do not play or download pubg till the government ban. and don’t worry about that we are updating you with all the news’s of pubg and free fire and we also conduct the giveaways of free fire on this website)


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