PUBG Mobile Kr to be unplayable in India (PUBG Mobile India’s official release)

PUBG Mobile Korea will not allow players from countries outside of Japan and Korea. This new is going to upset many PUBG players, especially in India, using this version of the game, however, the organization had to take such steps for the better service of PUBG Mobile KR. So, if you have been wondering about the PUBG KR ban in India, then do not worry, here is all you need to know about it.

PUBG Mobile KR mentioned the following three changes that are going to take place:

  • 1) From 2021/05/01, users outside of Korea or Japan who log in with a KRJP build account cannot settle the payment.
  • 2) From 2021/05/01, users out of Korea or Japan who log in with KRJP build account might find network trouble during the play.
  • 3) From 2021/06/30, users outside of Korea or Japan will not be able to log in to the KRJP build.
PUBG Mobile India's official release
image source: PUBG Mobile India’s official release

For users living in India, these changes will be put into effect from 2021/06/30.

Starting June 30, 2021, Indians won’t be able to access the game’s Korean version.

PUBG Mobile KR was among the most preferred alternatives amongst the players. Moreover, there hasn’t been any announcement regarding the Indian version of the title, thereby continuing the long wait for the Indian users. It has been over four months since the initial announcement of PUBG Mobile India via the game trailers. Since then, users have been following every development about the revival of the title.

PUBG Mobile India could launch in two months’ time

there were the chances of the pubg mobile comeback in India with the Indian version. Recently, the popular content creator, Luv Sharma, aka GodNixon, shared updates regarding PUBG Mobile’s return. He mentioned that the Indian version of the title had received a green signal from the government. Players can check out the following video for GodNixon’s commentary on the matter

PUBG Mobile India’s official release


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