PUBG Mobile Indian version

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hello freinds we all know that due to heavy demand of the publics the govt have to unban the Pubg mobile and the developers of the pubg will come with new themes in India within this month.

so here in this article we are going to talk about the requirement you have to need to play and enjoy the game again.. so lets start PUBG Mobile Indian version

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PUBG Mobile Indian version

PUBG Mobile is arguably the most famous battle royale game on the mobile platform. This game has amassed a massive player base and shows no signs of slowing down.

In India, however, the last few months haven’t been the best for this game’s fans and players, as a ban.

was imposed on it by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. (PUBG Mobile Indian version)

Since then, they have been waiting for the return of their beloved title. And around a week back, fans finally received some good news.

PUBG Corporation, in a press release, announced a special version of PUBG Mobile for Indian users, leaving players ecstatic and excited about the return of their favorite game.

Changes in the PUBG Mobile Indian version

PUBG Corporation also stated that in-game content would be enhanced to fulfill the needs and match the local player’s preferences. As a result, PUBG Mobile India would be slightly different from the global version.

Here are some of the significant changes:

1 Hit effect – The hit effect will be changed to green, indicating the game’s virtual nature.

The players can change this color in the global version.

But it is expected to be green in the Indian version.

2 Default character clothing – All the game’s characters will most probably be fully clothed by default.

3 Feature to restrict the game time for younger players – Restrictions would be set on the playtime to promote healthy gameplay habits and culture.

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