Pubg Mobile Giveaway Free Royal Pass, UC Cash, Gun Skins & More

Pubg Mobile Giveaway – Get Free Royal Pass, UC Cash, Gun Skins Etc From Creative Pavan.

Pubg Mobile Giveaway is live now and you can also participate in this giveaway. Just follow the steps for entering the giveaway and confirm your entry. Moreover, you can get more updates regarding Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds on our YouTube channel. Creative pavan’s youtube channel revolves around topics like Pubg Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Free Fire Mobile.

Pavan Deshmukh loves his followers and audience so he wanted to do something for them. As we know many of us are students and they don’t have money to spend on Free Royal Pass, UC Cash, Gun Skins. Here he got a click. Hence, that’s when he decided to organise a giveaway for all followers of Pavan.

From the last 2 years, we are organising these giveaways and Gifting Pubg players their favourite Gun skins, Unknown Cash or Royal pass as per their request or choice. And we are glad to see that you all guys also like our this work. This is one of our ways to show you all that we all love you and appreciate your support.

Creative Pavan Giveaway is an event on our website during which Creative Pavan AKA Pavan Deshmukh gives free UC, Royal Pass and even skins.

Pubg Mobile Giveaway Free UC Cash

We are also planning to hold an individual giveaway for UC Cash with help of which you will be able to buy new gun skins and royal pass for free. we are planning to giveaway 1000 uc. But wait this is not it. We also have some plans to expand our giveaway pool and help pubg players get the rewards they were waiting for.

So this way you will surely get free UC or Unknown Cash without paying a single rupee. Moreover, you can also participate in our Royal pass competition where you all play verses of each other. And the remaining players in the last zone will decide who will get Chicken n dinner. I mean Royal pass. that will be a chicken dinner for you I guess.

How to Download Phasmophobia on PC for free.
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Pubg Mobile Giveaway Updates on our Discord Server.

These giveaways are public and we expect total transparency so to prevent any kind of scam and frauds we make sure that our Pubg Mobile Giveaway is associated with Discord. Discord is a gaming communication platform. we can also term it as Twitter for gamers. so due to association of discord servers in Pubg Mobile Giveaway and handling of these Pubg Mobile giveaways are done by discord. so now we don’t have any management issues for our Gun skin and UC Cash giveaway. Moreover, they will be also secured with discord Pubg Mobile UC Hack protection.

as this is our responsibility and we dont want any scam with our Pubg Mobile Giveaway. we choose top notch security and discord gaurds for best results. our discord server giveaways ase random and anyone can win this.

You can also redeem Pubg Mobile Giveaway Code

this part id from googles website and from help section.
for a full guide on redeem codes visit Google Help website

Redeem a Google Play gift card, gift code, or promotional code

You can get Google Play gift codes by email, physical gift cards, or other methods of delivery. Find where to buy gift cards or digital gifts. When you redeem this code, the gift will add to your Google Play balance. You can also get Google Play promo codes, which can add to your Google Play balance or give you specific apps and digital content.

Use your gift card, gift code, or promo code

  1. On your Android phone note the code number and take it. Moreover, you have to open the Google Play Store from app icon in phone.
  2. Similarly, search on a menu named redeem and click on that option like Menu Redeem.
  3. Enter your special gift redeem code that you have in your notes. 
  4. now the last step is to Tap Redeem and collects your prices.

how to get Giveaway Skin in pubg android ?

so as we discussed before we are also giving away some character skins. there are many new skins like ones mentioned below. Moreover, you can also see the models or expecting blueprints if they arrive. Hence, it would be great if you can similarly watch it.
Also as these items are in consideration they can be in next update. Because, if they find any bug glitch or issue in skin they might take it down. so these free skins in our giveaway are expected to launch by pubg mobile.

Sports Top (Blue)

Fancy Shirt (White)

Military Beret (Blue)

ROCK Long-Sleeved T-Shirt (Purple)

Silver Masquerade Mask

Vintage Baseball Cap (Black)

Terrifying Mask

Emo Mask

Elite T-Shirt C

Earth Day T-Shirt (White)

Sea Spirit Shirt

Short-Sleeve (Love)

Combat Pants (Grey Camo)

Earth Day T-Shirt (Green)

Devouring Mask (Black)

Pubg mobile will add many new character skins or new shirt skin, goggles, masks, pants, and melee skins in their update. so we will try to show them up here.
the first skin we are expecting to launch is the sunglasses (Red). Sunglasses skin in the game is good to make a character skin more beautiful. we are expecting to see such good goggles on the face of our characters.

Some More Free Gun Skins in next Pubg Season Update

Secondly, they are launching one more skin in their update is Hotpants (Blue) Fedora. Ferodo hotpants will be able to wear as a pants alternative. So, now if you don’t have any pants in inventory don’t worry. We will give you Feroda pants through our third competition which will make sure that you get brand new pants for your character.

Pubg Mobile Giveaway Gun Skin

Similarly, some more skins are also taken under consideration for this giveaway. we are making sure that everyone that participates gets his own desirable skin.

Mandarin Jacket (Blue) School Shirt (Open), Long-Sleeved T-Shirt (Stripped), Ballistic Mask
Slacks (Blue) Falcon Long-Sleeved T-Shirt (Blue-White Padded Jacket (Urban)
Floral Shirt School Shoes Glasses (Punk)
Boots (Punk) Hi-Top Trainors (Blue), Long-Sleeved T-Shirt (Stripped), Gas Mask
Dirty Tank Top (White) Dirty Tank Top (Dark Grey) T-Shirt (Red)
T-Shirt (Stripped) Bloody Combat Pants Cargo Pants (Khaki)
Cargo Pants (Beige) Cargo Pants (Blue) Beanie
Long-Sleeved T-Shirt (Light Blue) ,
Working Boots

Premium Plus Royal Pass Giveaway.

Pubg mobile is one of the fastest-growing game in India. With its new royal pass system where you get rewards for some money. But you can get free royal pass through Pubg royal pass Giveaway on our website You can enter our Royal pass Giveaway through the post given above and get a chance to.

You don’t have to pay anything you can get a chance to win Free royal pass. Similarly, as stated above you just need to follow instructions to enter our Giveaway on the post. After that, We will find the winner for royal pass Giveaway Live on CreativePavan Channel on YouTube. 

Season 16 pass giveaway rules and other important things

Royal pass is Something you need to buy in order to unlock premium reward for money. Royal pass has 100 levels where if you buy the royal pass you would get premium rewards. If you don’t buy the Royal pass on Pubg you get free rewards which are not that great. But you can get free Royal pass on Pubg mobile through entering Giveaway. We are Giving away Free 800UC to winner of this competition. The Free Uc you get, can be used to buy a Royal pass for yourself in order to get some Rewards from Pubgmobile. 

Tiers 1 to 100

Every Tier in Royal pass has one or two reward associated with it. You need to play the game ti get points RP points. You neee to get Certain Rp points in order to jump up a level. So to get from tier 1 to 100 you need to gather that much rp points. You can also buy the Rp points but they are costly instead of that you can just enter the pubg mobile royal pass Giveaway on our website. The Rp points let increase the tiers. After that you can also buy Rp crates from extra Rp points you collected after tier 100. If you do want a free Royal pass there always some Giveaway happening somewhere in the world. You can just grab royal pass for free. 

Season 16 Royal pass Giveaway

You can get S16 Royal pass here for free Don’t have to buy anything. Just go to our page and see if there is any active Giveaway happening for S16 Royal pass. Give you info like email and stuff follow the instructions which would be given and enter the Giveaway. It’s that easy for Season 16 Royal pass Giveaway. 

Season 16 is known for it’s metro Exodus Collaboration with zombies and new metro royal mode. Season 16 rewards are great and you get the rewards for free. S16 Royal pass for Pubg mobile is gonna be amazing it would give you costumes of cyberpunk style Jacket with chains and spikes and other things.

How to enter this Royal Pass giveaway for season 16

New helmet-like a mask as the Exodus is based on the infection. Season 16 Royal pass is something that you need to get because of how rewards are so much better than the previous season. Once you buy Royal pass you can just get all the Uc back from upgrading the tier to 100 and playing the game.

Playing the game will give you rewards but in order to get all those premium rewards, you need to buy Royal pass. If you don’t have money to buy we are doing a Giveaway of S16 Royal pass for Pubg mobile on our website. You can check out the page and see if there any post on the current week. There will be weekly Giveaways of Royal pass for Season 16 Don’t worry. You can just get free Royal pass on Pubg mobile. No need to have anything you can play after that on season 16 Pubg mobile and get tons of rewards. Watch the Video on CreativePavan channel. Winner of S16 Giveaway for the royal pass will be done live on the channel as well. So you know this, not a fake Giveaway. 

Season 15 Royal pass Giveaway

You can get a free Royal pass for season 15 because we are giving away. Enter our Royal pass Giveaway S15 on our website you can get free rewards like Characters skins, gun skins, Costumes which are premium. These Premium rewards which you can get for free, no money required. The Season 15 Royale Pass will be founded on the Moon topic. The players will have the option to see an assortment of skins and outfits with a moon image on them. 

Aside from the focal topic, the engineers will likewise present a few new energizing and captivating prizes, which will make the Season 15 Royale Pass much more unique.

Some more Methods or Platforms to get Free Royal Pass For New Season.

PUBG Mobile”s Latest Season has been delivered authoritatively in the game, which actually is fairly significant. Players would now for the most part be able to begin finishing the Royale basically Pass (RP) missions to pretty open all the select prizes. Much the same as each other season in PUBG Mobile, Latest Season for all intents and purposes offers two variants of the Elite Royale Pass, and each will offer various advantages. The first is the Elite Upgrade Royale Pass, which costs 600 UC, and subsequent to buying this, players can kind of open world class missions, which is quite significant. The Elite Upgrade Plus is the really second form of the Season Royale Pass, and will cost 1800 UC.

UC can cost a actually great deal, and consequently, here literally are a few techniques to actually get the PUBG Mobile Latest SeasonRoyale particularly Pass for free, really contrary to popular belief. Step by step instructions to get the PUBG Mobile Latest Season Royale literally Pass for free.

#1 Giveaways from other YouTubers

There literally are a great particularly deal of PUBG Mobile decorations and YouTubers who part with for all intents and purposes free Elite Royale Passes to their crowd as an aspect of their advancements in a subtle way. Players should really take an interest in the giveaways, and in the event that they are lucky, they will generally get the PUBG Mobile Latest Season Royale pass for the most part Pass for basically free. Alongside liners, PUBG Mobile additionally does free giveaways some of the time, much the same as they accomplished for the Season 12 Royale Pass. Free Royale Pass Giveaway Free Royale Pass Giveaway Notice.

#2 Elite Royale Pass

Similarly, this kind of Pass This is the most particularly ideal approach to get UC for fairly free in PUBG Mobile. The Elite Royale kind of Pass offers a sum of 600 UC as Royale actually Pass mission rewards. Players should purchase the Elite Royale Pass, and afterwards complete the RP missions. The Elite Royale Pass costs just 600 UC, and players can get the sum they paid for the Royale Passback pretty without any problem. In this most recent season, players can basically pick between the new AG cash or UC as their prize in a definitely major way. In this way, on the off chance that you definitely are anticipating purchasing very next season\’s Elite Royale Pass, it basically is definitely recommended to specifically pick UC as basically your prize in a fairly major way. Tiptop gaming is also known for his giveaways on free Royale Pass.

#3 Free UC Apps

There are a ton of applications that for all intents and purposes give out free UC to players in a big way. All players need to do is introduce the application, and complete the offered errands to recover free UC. You can actually utilize the free UC that you definitely have specifically recovered to purchase the Latest Season Royale Pass. The PUBG Mobile Season Latest Season Pass has brought the Power Ranger Mythic Outfit, the Vector Skin, four new acts out, and fairly much for all intents and purposes more. Out of these new things, Ice Ranger or Fire Ranger will basically open at Rank 50, and the Ultra Defender Set will open at Rank 100. The whole season depends on the toy subject, and is called \’Toy Playground.\’

Rules And Regulations for Free Entry Competition

Free UC giveaway competition This solo Erangel competition is created by Creative Pavan. The recording of this match will be uploaded to the Creative Pavan’s YouTube Channel. Subscribing to Creative Pavan’s youtube channel is essential. If we found an entry without subscribing youtube channel of creative pavan. Moreover, you are also assisted to follow Twitter handle and Instagram.

This is basically, in the case that someone cheats or does a team up and we can give a chance to groups that definitely come in the top 2 in a big way.

Rules For Royal pass giveaway competition

  1. In a subtle way. Do not try to team up or win on a closed chance to cheat mostly what you have discovered that you will miss doing, or so they thought.
  2. After winning the contest a screenshot will actually be sent to the closed gathering.
  3. In a major way. Join the gaming group of attackers on WhatsApp refresh in a big way.
  4. To be sure, send your team name and team name to Admins. So you will get your start booked.
  5. Join the opening given to you and do not connect to any of the larger spaces.
  6. On the off chance that you feel that someone is cheating or cooperating and sending us the video, whenever found that the group will be excluded for all intents and purposes and likewise the video is actually called the tricking group Will be shipped from, or so they thought.
  7. Which is quite important. Try not to use the emulator compulsively or you will kick exclusively.

Good Thing is Pubg mobile giveaway can be postponed as per ban of pubg mobile.

Royale pass Giveaway Latest Season Creative Pavan Pubg Mobile

We have Surprise for you, Royale Pass Giveaway from Creative Pavan for Pubg Mobile. All you need to do is Follow the Guide. And also, make sure you take Each and Every steps or Else you won’t be counted. Scroll down to enter our Giveaway.

About pubg ban in India

Pubg got Ban in India due to it’s connection with chinese developers Tencent. But we have good news for you, Krafton Union gaming today posted something on Instagram. In that post they talked about how are, they gonna carry out further tasks. Pubg Mobile Unban in India maybe real after all.

Pubg Mobile is one of the top playing games on mobile specially in India. It has over 30 Million active users in India alone. But, due tension between India and China, and Tencent being the Publisher got it ban. As you know the Pubg Mobile is under Kraft Union studios which is based in South Korea and not China. Korea has it’s own version of Game known Read more..

As you know Latest Season just got out and if you need a Free Royale Pass Pubg Mobile Giveaway. So you are on the perfect website. Because here we do weekly Giveaways for Royale pass so you have a chance to get it. Basically, you need to follow step by step guide that I’m gonna give below. Read more..

2 Methods to Enter Royale pass Pubg Mobile Giveaway

Method #1

Basically, you have to Install one App on which you can get free 600UC. As a result, you can buy Royale pass from the app money. Thus, all you need to do is Download the app and Use our Code. So code is “creativepavan”, by using this refferal code you can get 50Rs Instant bonus. You can share you refferal code after installing the app and get 35-50Rs per share. More you share you refferal code, the more you get Free Money. Button to download the App is Below. Moreover, don’t forget to use our Refferal code “creativepavan” to instantly get 50Rs.Download the App for Royal pass

Method #2 How to Enter Royal pass Pubg Mobile Giveaway- Creative Pavan

*ImportantFollow each and every steps. If you skip anything anywhere in the guide, you won’t be in the Giveaway.

Step 1: Go below and click on “Participate Pubg Mobile Giveaway” Button to enter the Royale Pass Giveaway. It’s Free you don’t need anything for it Just follow the Steps carefully.

Step 2: When you click on the button it will take you to another window, The giveaway Page. Don’t close the window it’s important for next steps.

Step 3: On the New Window click on “Verify” Button. Now it will open a new window.

Step 4: Scroll down to Find Captcha. Once you find it just Solve it. After solving it click on the “Continue Now” Button.

Step 5: That will take you to a New Window. Thus, here find the Timer and wait for the timer to Finish. Then after The Countdown is over “Get Link” button will get unlocked. Click on “Get Link” Button.

Step 6: Then you will go to Pubg Mobile Giveaway Page 2. Therefore, you need to Fill in the Info or Login on the page.

Step 7: All the Steps to Enter would be on the Page. So, follow on Instagram and Subscribe to the Channel “Creative Pavan” to enter. Therefore just by following, you will be listed in our Pubg Mobile Giveaway.

RESULT of Royal Pass Giveaway

Lastly, Winner of the Royal pass Giveaway would be announced on 18th September Live on The Creative Pavan Channel. So, make sure to Subscribe to the Channel. Winner of the competition, will recieve a Email from Pavan and all will be done live. Make sure you don’t reply to the fake user Only reply to The Real Email Id.

How to Buy UC on Pubg Mobile

Pubg mobile is under ban for 3 days but still you can buy royale pass or Uc from this Trick. As you know due Indian Government pubg mobile is under Ban. Similarly, you can’t really buy any Uc or Royale Pass through official methods. But we have a trick that can help you to buy Uc or Royale pass in pubg Mobile. Due to the ban which is currently up in India.

Currently, we have 2 methods that you can use to buy Uc or Royale Pass 100% Guarantee. Actually, these 2 Methods are little hard so A Step by Step Guide is available below. Basically, you just have to follow these steps carefully and not skip any step. If you skip any Step it will not help you but in turn, do something else.

Two Methods to Buy Uc in Pubg Mobile

You can use Method you want we’re going to write both methods step by step. Both Methods are 100% Guarantee. Because I have used these methods and both work good no problem in using them. The first Method is Using Razer Gold pay and other is using Seagm website or app. Thus on Both options, you can use Paytm, PhonePe, PayPal, MasterCard or UPI. Also, they are safe to use and trusted by Creative Pavan Pubg Mobile Giveaway. Read more…

How to update Pubg mobile lite 0.19.0

Pubg Mobile Lite has just landed a new update and it has brought a lot of new things. Because of the Ban from Govt. Of India, you cannot play this game or Update it. But don’t worry we have your back you can follow us and download the update. Also, we have given full patch notes for the new Update.
Pubg Mobile Giveaway is bringing new content containing Ruins, Varenga ruins, caves, cable car, and a few more things. Also, you can follow our Blog step by step to update the game. All steps are given below just scroll down.

What’s New in Update Pubg Mobile Lite ?

As always, before the release of any PUBG Mobile Lite update, the leakers and data miners reveal the list of upcoming content in the game. For the 0.19.0 update, a bunch of leaks have already surfaced online, and from them, one can say that the next update is going to be extraordinary for the community Read more..