Pubg mobile beta apk How to Download 1.0.4 beta apk Android

Pubg Mobile Beta Apk is out to Download, and you can take it here. Right now we got 1.0.4 Beta Apk for Android which needs around 1.5Gb space. And also you will need to make 7gb space total on the phone.

We will provide you with the Link just make sure you are using Wifi or Hotspot. This Beta version is Global and open for Download all over the world. The Link to Download Pubg mobile Beta is given below, Check it out.

Pubg Mobile Beta Apk download

Download Here

Here’s the Download Link for pubg mobile beta apk for 1.0.4. To download the game, you just click on the Link and make sure you are connected to Wifi or someone’s hotspot.

PUBG Mobile 1.0.4 beta variant APK:

Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile has introduced the next section of Season 15 Royale Pass trailer, and here is the official movie launched by them about YouTube:

They have to allow setup from unknown sources, or even already done so, by navigating to Settings > Safety and Privacy > Install Apps from Unknown Sources.

Notice: There’s no need to reinstall the conventional variation of PUBG Mobile to set up the beta version. Basically, Restarting the browser or clearing its cache, if the update does not reveal, should solve the situation.

PUBG Mobile beta update apk.

The PUBG Mobile 1.0.4 beta upgrade has been published by the officers and has enhanced the Infection Mode along with Payload Mode 2.0. The former will probably be dependent upon the Halloween theme and launch on October 23, although the launch date of Payload 2.0 mode is not understood, however.

PUBG Mobile is put for the following upgrade

Following the setup is done, players can open the PUBG Mobile variant beta app and sign in using a guest account.

Here is the direct download link to your PUBG Mobile 1.0.4 beta update.

The upgrade size is approximately 1.5 GB, along with the smartphone ought to have roughly 7 GB in total.

Once players have empowered it, they could click the button.

pubg mobile

PUBG Mobile 1.0.4 beta update APK download

Players can play with these ways in the most recent beta upgrade and then send direct feedback from the programmers of PUBG Mobile. In the following article, we share the comprehensive process for downloading the beta upgrade of the game.

They Have to open File Manager on the device and then proceed into the Downloads folder.

Therefore, size of this PUBG Mobile 1.0.4 beta upgrade is 1.5 GB. Also, it takes around 7 GB of free storage in an Android device. So, After downloading the APK file from the above Link, players can follow the steps below:

Users should then find the downloaded APK file and click it.

Pubg Mobile Guru league.

PUBG Mobile Guru League: Southeast Asia is made to launch from October 23. Whereas, an Icelandic event which will determine the slots that are cloned for PUBG Mobile Global Championship. Similarly, the Southeast Asia area is among the largest areas from the PUBG Mobile Esports circuit. Generally, the notable countries from this area had their very particular PMPL whereby the best teams have qualified at the grand finals of PMPL Fall 2020: SEA.

The PMPL versions for Thailand, Malaysia-Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam came to an end with a yearlong routine time plus also a finals weekend. The skillfull teams which were tough through last year’s seedings. Moreover, novices from PMCO fought here in order to maintain the huge chunk of prize pools which ranged to over $50,000 each area.

The Fall Season is a place to start with a total of 16 teams entering from several regions. The segregation of areas as well as the seeding slots based on Liquipedia is as follows:

Yodoo Gank as SEA Spring 2020 Winners.

Top two teams in PMPL-TH Finals

Winner of PMPL-TH Regular Season

Top two teams in PMPL-ID Finals

Winner of PMPL-ID Regular Season

Top two teams in PMPL-MYSG Finals

Winner of PMPL-MYSG Regular Season

Top 2 teams in PMPL-VN Finals

Winner of PMPL-VN Regular Season

Top 3 teams out of PMCO: SEA Wildcard


Pubg mobile new update
Pubg mobile new update

Listed below are the 16 teams in PMPL: SEA Fall Split Finals.

Yodoo Gank

Team Secret TH

RRQ Athena

Power888 KPS

Aerowolf LIMAX

Aura Esports

Bigetron RA

Team SMG

Geek Fam

Team Secret

BOX Gambling

Xavier Team


Iconic PH

Yangon Galacticos

All-Star Team Puyat


The championship will start on October 23 and ending on October 25. The amount of games which are presuming in the preceding renditions of those tournaments, a total of 15 to 18 games; 5-6 matches daily; could be it.

Pubg mobile aeroplane ban
Pubg mobile aeroplane ban


The meta has shifted in the PMPL: Spring Split. The sport has brought significant changes to the stage table arrangement, diminishing the stage allocation into the winning group by 20 to 15. It has forced the groups to have more calculated risks and thrive their competitive match performances. This moment, fresh groups POWER888 KPS, Aerowolf, and also Team Secret Thailand have created an impressive start to his or her travel. These teams may provide the pros with the run for their money.

Speaking regarding veterans, the winners Bigetron RA are totally controlling the PUBG Mobile situation in Southeast Asia. After winning the PUBG Mobile World League- East, the group qualified for SEA finals again by controlling the points table in PMPL Indonesia Regular Season. The intriguing truth is that the group has rated top in each tournament they’ve played since October; except that the previous PMPL SEA Finals. This not merely maintains their reign of dominance, but in addition, it reveals how synergetic the group is now with no roster shuffles and will be generating results quite frequently.

In addition to Bigetron, the powerhouses such as RRQ Athena, Yodoo Gank, BOX Gambling, along with Team Secret, have characterized in their respective areas. By taking a look at their documents, it’s sure that Bigetron RA will reveal their dominance now too, but it’ll be intriguing to observe how these clubs have grown up because they battled against each other in PMWL: East Season 0.



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