PUBG Mobile A2 Royale Pass Leaks: Release Date, Rewards, and More

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PUBG Mobile A2 Royale Pass Leaks: In the most recent updates, PUBG Mobile received a 100 RP format that has now been restored. The A1 Royale Pass is available right now in the game.

The A2 Royale Pass leaks, on the other hand, have been widely publicised, and players are hoping for the best. A set of an additional 100 premium items will be made available with the start of A2 Level Infinite. As usual, in order to get the premium ones, players must buy the Royale Pass using UC (in-game currency).

PUBG Mobile A2 Royale Pass Leaks: Rewards, Release Date

The eagerly anticipated A2 Royale Pass will be available. Some of the PUBG Mobile Royale Pass rewards that have been leaked include:

  • Neon Slayer Covers Set Clothing to Skin.
  • Mythic crystal piece and Ultramarine pterosaur skin
  • Cute battle emotes and Serpentine gaze planes finish skin
  • Rinth beast parachute skin and Steel morpher helmet
  • Tangerine Drake emote, Violet eclipse Thompson Smg skin and mythic crystal
  • Upgradable dragon bane remnant machete skin
  • Tangerine Drake set
  • Brass bovine mg3, Ember prowler set and joyful debut emote
  • Cute tank ornament a1 avatar and Pixel kitty backpack skin
  • Fun astronaut SLR and Swift shooter m16A4
  • Spectre slayer emote and Secret runes stun grenade

If you want to watch the video of A2 Royale Pass, you will get to see it on Creative Pavan YouTube channel.

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