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The mobile version of Tencent Games’ PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile is ready to launch the new update 0.17.0 and will bring a lot of changes, as the beta version suggests. PUBG Cellular 0.17.0 Beta Update: The highlight of this pubg mobile 0.17.0 patch notes- new Extreme Cold Mode, Color Blind Mode along with some extra unique features coming in the future. Pubg Mobile 2nd Anniversary Background Music.

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Information Regarding The Update Schedule For 0.17.0 Update

Hello Battleground Mobile.

We want to guide you through the 0.17.0 update schedule that many players are waiting for.

We have been preparing for the 0.17.0 update since the last 0.16.5 updates.
Recent coronavirus infections have become a major international issue, which inevitably leads to disruptions in the development schedule.

I would like to introduce the update to the players as soon as possible and I want to proceed with the update,
Please note that due to unexpected circumstances, the update may be delayed slightly compared to the existing update cycle.

Currently, the update is expected to be in progress in March, when the update schedule and contents are confirmed
The official channel will give you quick updates on update previews, preview previews, patch notes, and more

In addition, we hope you enjoy playing until 0.17.0 updates.
Various in-game events will be added, so I would like to ask for your interest and participation.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the players who always love Battleground Mobile.
Please wear a mask when going out and pay attention to your health.

Background Music Of 2nd Anniversary Pubg Mobile

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