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Erangel 2.0 is Finally arriving at Pubg Mobile Game for Peace version. The Update will out on 17th June 2020.

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Here Is Patch Notes Of Erangel 2.0 Update

1. Brand new screen performance-
sky, surface, seawater, vegetation, and other comprehensive updates, screen More real and delicate;
2. Building adjustment-
the structure of some buildings has been adjusted;
3. Adjustment of large-scale resource points-
  • Nuclear power plant area: the nuclear power plant area is reworked, the building structure layout is updated, the resources are more intensive, and the battle is more prone to change ;
  • Mine area: optimize the terrain structure, adjust the building layout, add 7 large warehouses, add parachute landing points, wild choice
  • Prison area: adjust the terrain structure, add more surrounding walls, and adjust the layout of some buildings, New options for Gang Gun;
  • Other wild resource adjustments: add a few wild resource points;
4. New map elements-
new trenches, refusal of horses, abandoned tanks, engineering bunkers, while enhancing the atmosphere of island wars, it also allows the wild Tactical choices have become more abundant;
5. Changes in building structure-
adjust the structure of some urban areas, optimize the offensive and defensive experience, some buildings add new basements, you need to use weapons to break the wooden door to enter;
more upgrade details, a new battle experience waiting for special forces Discovery and excavation! Hope to see you in the “old place” of the new island!
6. New ultra-high-quality options
Only open for some high-end models, and will be opened according to the model’s performance after the operation is stable,
7. Payload Mode 2.0-
Payload Mode 2, a new upgrade! The vehicle is fully armed and various types of armed vehicles and helicopters have been added to experience stimulating firepower. Compete for military strongholds and super weapon boxes, and experience all kinds of heavy fire weapons and new powerful props. You can also use the advanced communications tower to recall teammates that have been eliminated multiple times. New gameplay, exciting double; 2) New armed vehicles: armed UAZ jeep, armed Dacia car, armed Buggy off-road vehicle, armed pickup; 3) New heavy firearms: AT4-A laser tracking missile, M202 quadruple rocket launcher; 4 ) New props: UAV control terminal, individual soldier radar, explosion-proof clothing; Note: Firepower duel mode does not count towards the ranking score, the mode will be opened later, please pay attention to the official announcement for the specific time, so stay tuned; classic mode-version balance Adjustment 1) Thomson submachine gun: slightly increase the rate of fire of the firearm; new sight guide rails, red dot sight, and holographic sight can be installed; 2) UMP45
8. Submachine Gun-
Slightly increased firearm damage, firearm fire rate, bullet flight speed;
9. DBS Shotgun-
no longer dropped from the airdrop box, adjusted to ground refresh output;
10. Swimming Balance Adjustment-
speed up swimming and diving, Improve the recovery speed of underwater breathing, increase the longest dive time;
11. New vehicle operation layout customization function, players can customize the vehicle operation layout in the setting system Define settings to get the most suitable vehicle control feeling;
12. New vehicle precise seat change function-
Long press the seat change button to achieve accurate switching to different seats, please turn on this function in the vehicle operation setting interface;
13. New training field sensitivity adjustment function- the sensitivity
can be adjusted in the training field in real-time, with two methods of quick adjustment and intelligent adjustment;
14. New sensitivity sharing function-
you can share your own sensitivity to other players through the sharing code ( The resolution of different devices will lead to inconsistencies in the use of sensitivity, please use with caution)
15. New map route marking function-
multiple points can be marked on the map interface to form a team travel route to better deploy the team strategy
16. Elimination Blur and darken the rear lens, To optimize the performance
17. Sound visualization system optimization :
explosive sounds such as throwing objects will be represented by exclusive explosion icons to distinguish them from the gun sound icon;
18. Chat panel optimization-
when the chat panel is opened, the latest display will be displayed by default Chat information;
19. Optimize the ringing rhythm of the signal area of the snow map
20. Optimize the gyroscope function-
when the thrown object is to be thrown, you can use the gyroscope to aim
21. When the bandage is used while lying down, push up After the sprint is triggered by the joystick, the automatic use of bandages can be interrupted
22. When following a parachute jump, the follower can rotate his free-angle lens by sliding the right half of the screen

Watch Official Trailer Of Erangel 2.0

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