Pro Tips to win the battle royale mode in Free Fire

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Hello, friends; here in this article, we are discussing the world’s best battle royal game, Free Fire. Yes, friends, we all know that the craze for the battle royal game was increased day by day, so the players want to make their ID a pro-ID; so. Here in this article, we will tell you some tricks by which you can always win your free fire game, so let us start the article and let’s get to know those steps. Pro Tips to win Free Fire

Pro Tips to win Free Fire


The correct choice of weapons

The correct combination of weapons is essential to winning a match during the match’s initial phase.


A player should always have one close-range (like an MP40) and one long-range weapon (Sniper Rifles or ARs) to sneak-kill enemies or snipe them down. For the last zones, it will be better if players carry a shotgun and another SMG or AR. These are the best choices for the last zone fights as they are smaller and require destructive weapons over close proximity.

Avoid early fights

Last but not least, playing safe is one of the most important facts that can help a player win a BR match in Free Fire. Players must avoid early fights and dropping on popular areas (Pochinok, Mill). This will increase their chances of survival in the game.

freefire vehicle

Always carry Gloo walls

Gloo walls and grenades are must-haves during the last circles as they are very short and usually do not have any shelter. Gloo walls will offer instant protection during fights, and grenades will help intimidate others in the zone leading to an advantage for the player.

gloo wall

Carry a vehicle

Players must always possess a vehicle, as it will help them avoid fights and survive longer. As the survival chance increases, the chance to reach the last circle also increases. Moreover, vehicles help players commute from one place to another much faster.

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