PRO tips to become the Best Pubg player

become the Best Pubg player
become the Best Pubg player

Use the Scopes

Always use a red dot, holographic, or 2x for close combat, and 4x, 6x, or 8x for sprays and sniping. Using a higher scope in close combat will likely result in you in getting killed. The most preferable gun for close combat is UZI and AKM while for sprays you can use M4 with 6x (adjust it to 3x).  become the Best Pubg player

Take cover

Another important thing to keep in mind is to never overcommit yourself and expose your position. In the TPP mode, players get a 360-degree sight and it’s important to take full advantage of that. While rushing openly, know that your opponents have a TPP advantage over you and can easily knock you down. Therefore take a good cover like a tree or a rock before engaging in a fight.

Use the Smokes and Grenades when needed

It is recommended to properly utilize the utilities in the game. It is very beneficial as you could give damage or knock players without taking self-damage without exposing yourself. A properly cooked grenade is the deadliest as the player has no time to escape. A professional player always cooks a grenade before throwing. If the grenade is not cooked the enemy will escape through it which is very disappointing.

use the perfect Controls

To conquer PUBG Mobile, players are using claw settings, which means they use multiple fingers to play games. Claw setting could be 3, 4, 5, and could have even been 6 fingers. Although this game is all about reaction time and spotting players. Players like Jonathan, Viper, Sevou, No one are phenomenal 2 finger players which inspire the community that nothing is impossible. Another control is Gyroscope; it is one of the best ways to control recoil. It is very helpful in spraying in long-range.

Always Watch and learn the gameplay

Watch other professional players while they stream. This is one of the best methods to get better at the game. Watch gameplay of Mortal for his ability to keep himself calm in crunch moments and hold his nerve, ScoutOP for his insane handling of all the guns and Daljitsk to learn sniping.

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