we all know that PUBG changes the lives of so many players yes friends. here w are going to tell you about the PUBG player G9 yes freinds he is one of the best PUBG players in the world will singe up a contract with the team RRQ Esports it was one of the biggest E-sport in the world. so let’s know more about this news. Pro G9 Of PUBG Mobile

Pro G9 Of PUBG Mobile
Pro G9 Of PUBG Mobile

The latest news in PUBG Mobile’s esports scene comes from Thailand, where veteran PUBG Mobile player G9, aka “Pachachai Han,” has signed a multi-year contract with Team RRQ.

The details of the contract are unknown but will certainly benefit both parties. Team RRQ teased its new steps and asked fans to stay tuned for future updates in its social media accounts.

Earlier in the month, Team RRQ released its popular and legendary lineup, RRQ Athena, after an average showing at the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020. RRQ bid farewell to Beer11, Earnny, Senior, and D2E.

G9, who initially had expressed a desire to retire, ended up staying in the organization. The role of G9 in the team is still unclear. However, the co-owner of RRQ Athena, Calvin Thenderan, did reveal that G9 will make a comeback as a player in the PUBG Mobile Pro League: Fall Split later this year in an interview with WTM.

It will be interesting to see what role G9 plays in the new Team RRQ. It will also be intriguing to watch the new team that RRQ builds after releasing the legendary roster of RRQ Athena. Replacing a team like RRQ Athena will be quite difficult. There will be a lot of responsibility shouldered by players who will join the team in the future.



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