Pokémon’s used by Serena in the Pokemon anime

Serena met Ash at a summer camp when they were very young. Serena is a fan-favorite traveling companion of Ash Ketchum in the Pokémon anime series. So, this post was about Pokémon’s used by Serena in the Pokemon anime

Pokémon’s used by Serena in the Pokemon anime


Braixen began as a Fennekin given to Serena by Professor Sycamore. It protected Serena in a variety of sticky situations and even received a medal from Professor Sycamore for its efforts against Team Flare. Fennekin evolved into Braixen after Serena offered words of encouragement during a battle with Aria. Just like every starting trainer in other regions, Serena got to choose from three Kalos starters. It never did evolve into a Delphox, but Braixen and Serena were wonderful partners. From there, Braixen becomes a stellar performer.


Serena’s Sylveon is majestic and graceful. Serena’s Sylveon debuted as a rather shy and timid Eevee. It showed off its dancing skills in battle with various dodges and attacks.

This Eevee, at one point, saved Serena’s life, and that began their bond together. Eevee evolved into Sylveon during a Tag Battle with Ash. Sylveon quickly forgot about its timid nature as an Eevee and became Serena’s most dazzling partner Pokemon. After seeing Eevee perform, and vice versa, Eevee was glad to join up with Serena when they worked together to defeat Team Rocket.


The Pancham was the first Pokemon that Serena actually caught in the anime. Pancham loved to perform and fit right in with Serena and was the basis of her Pokemon team. Her Pancham stands out with its red sunglasses sitting on its forehead. Pancham did not evolve, but it was still a powerful Pokemon for its size. Overall, Pancham was a nice relief from the typical partner Pokemon of Ash’s companions. It was often seen in a rivalry with Clemont’s Chespin, which made for some comedic moments.

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