Pokémon’s on Ground from Johto

This post was about the Pokémon’s on Ground from Johto, the Johto region had a great run in the anime and gave fans Gold and Silver, favorite games in the series. They are super powerful, pretty unique, and gave Johto trainers the right tools to take on the League and the Elite Four of the region.

Pokémon’s on Ground from Johto


It is an incredibly physical creature. Donphan is known as the Armor Pokemon. Like Quagsire, it has solid HP and great Physical stats, while its Attack and Defense are both 120 at their base. This comes in handy against Flying-types that are immune to Ground moves. With access to some devastating Ground and Rock moves, it can dish out damage from above and below.


This Steel/Ground-type is just so cool. Onix was an incredibly powerful Pokemon in Generation I. It has a decent Attack stat, but the others aren’t that great, except its Defense, which has a 200 base stat. When Steel-types were added in Generation II, Onix received an evolution in the form of Steelix. The Iron Snake Pokemon is a sturdy beast and has a very menacing appearance.


It is incredibly slow, but makes up for it with solid HP and Physical stats. Quagsire is a Water/Ground-type, which is the best combination in the entire franchise. Its only weakness is a monstrous one to Grass-type Pokemon, which gives Quagsire plenty of room to work with. Before Swampert and Gastrodon, there was Quagsire.


The reason it ranks above some of the others is its access to Poison-type moves. Gligar is known as the Fly Scorpion Pokemon, a Ground/Flying-type. It looks like it should be a Poison-type, and is much more diverse. Its stats are much more varied across the board. It has very good Defense and good Speed, but everything else is a little lackluster.

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