Pokémon: Weakest Elite Four Pokémon

If you are a Pokémon player then you should know about the Pokémon: Weakest Elite Four Pokémon in the game-play. In this post, we are going to tell you about the weakest elite Pokémon.

Pokémon: Weakest Elite Four Pokémon

Flint’s Rapidash

It also knows Bounce and Solar Beam. A Fire-type Elite Four member is going to be devastated by Water-type Pokemon. Even Flint’s Steelix has that weakness. His first Pokemon sent out, Rapidash, is quick and agile. Only his Drifblim can withstand the onslaught. Otherwise, it is easily defeated. That is its biggest strength. If it can charge it and withstand some hits, a Water-type could be done for. This was one of the Pokemon: Weakest Elite Four Pokemon

Bruno’s Onix

A Rock/Ground-type just has too many weaknesses for it to stand a chance. The first Onix that Bruno throws into battle is incredibly weak. This Kanto Elite Four member can put up a fight with the rest of his Pokemon, but Onix can be taken out in one hit. Even with a Fighting-type Pokemon, Onix is beaten. If the player chose either the Water or Grass starter, it is done for. This was the another Pokemon: Weakest Elite Four Pokemon

Siebold’s Clawitzer

Siebold is an Elite Four member in the weakest region. A Grass or Electric Pokemon, however, would wipe out Clawitzer in a single hit. The Kalos Elite Four are pretty awful and a Water-type user is just laughable. Even the same type match up proves to be in the trainer’s favor. A lot of Kalos players went with Froakie and will have a Greninja at this point.

Aaron’s Dustox

His first, however, is Dustox. Bug-types are notorious for being named the weakest type in Pokemon. Therefore, having a Bug-type themed Elite Four member is a bit of a head-scratcher. Of course, any Fire-type will take them all out, but Dustox doesn’t really do anything except try and poison with Toxic. Some of Aaron’s Pokemon can be a pain in battle. It is pretty weak compared to the rest.

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