Pokémon: Top trade evolution

This post was about Pokémon: Top trade evolution, there are many users who want to know things about the game-play. So, if you are also a Pokémon player then this post was for you guys. Several Pokemon can only reach their true potential by evolving through a trade. In Generation I, there was a handful of Pokemon that could only evolve to their third version if they were traded.

Pokémon: Top trade evolution


Machamp is a great battler and has a super cool Gigantamax form. Before Conkeldurr was added to the picture, Machamp was the main Fighting-type trade evolution. Its moveset has become wider and its capabilities have only expanded. As well as this was the goal of many Kanto trainers catching a Machop or Machoke.


The Conkeldurr is an intense and popular battler. Conkeldurr is the final form of Timburr. While many trainers put their power to use in a Trick Room set. Gurdurr evolves into Conkeldurr when it is traded to another Pokemon trainer. Conkeldurr is a super powerful Fighting-type. This hard-hitting fighter is also pretty sturdy in the defensive department.


Gengar is the ultimate trade evolution Pokemon. In the games and the anime series, Gengar has always been a trouble maker who holds nothing back in battle. When Haunter is traded, it evolves into Gengar. While Gengar is a Ghost/Poison-type and one of the most popular Pokemon of all time. That has only added to the power it already holds.

As well as it has received a Mega Evolution and a Gigantamax form.


The Alakazam has always been a super strong Psychic-type Pokemon. Alakazam was one of the first Pokemon to ever evolve from a trade. When Kadabra is traded, Alakazam comes out on the other side. While to this day, Alakazam retains its incredible Special Attack and Speed stats. In the first generation of the games, Alakazam was one of the most sought-after and dangerous battlers in the entire series.

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