Pokemon: Top Ghost-type moves to avoid

In this post we are going to inform you guys about the Pokemon: Top Ghost-type moves to avoid, if you are a player of Pokemon. Then this was surely for you guys.

Pokemon: Top Ghost-type moves to avoid


The reason it is avoidable is because of the Pokemon that can use it. Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist can only use Trick-or-Treat, and the move adds the Ghost-type to the target Pokemon. If it was used on a Pikachu, it would become an Electric/Ghost-type, for example. Gourgeist is a unique creature that is considered niche in battle. This could be an amazing way to deal supereffective damage.


It is another status attack that removes PP from an opposing Pokemon’s move. Grudge is a powered-up version of Spite, but is somehow worse. The user attacks with Grudge, and if they faint from an attack that turn, the attack is drained of all PP. Basically, this move either wastes a turn and the user stays alive, or it works and, while the opponent can’t use that move any longer, you’re without one of your Pokemon.

Confuse Ray

Using a damaging attack that can confuse a Pokemon is great. This could be a waste of an attack if the opposing Pokemon never hurts itself in the confusion.  Simply shooting a Confuse Ray at it, however, doesn’t cut it. Confuse Ray takes a turn to confuse the opponent, which in the games is terribly random. Will-O-Wisp is a far better option, lowering their attack and doing damage each turn with a Burn status.

Night Shade

In most situations, Night Shade isn’t going to do as well as several other Ghost-type attacks. Night Shade can be incredible if the Pokemon is at a very high level. In competitive battles and throughout most of the main game, Night Shade is not worth it. It is an attack that does damage based on the level of the Pokemon using it and doesn’t receive a Same Type Attack Bonus.

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