Pokémon: Top Flying moves

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Pokémon: Top Flying moves


Roost is an exceedingly useful move that restores half of the user’s HP. Under the right circumstances, this could be used to completely dodge dangerous Ghost-type moves. In addition to restoring HP.

Roost removes the user’s Flying-typing (if it has one, to begin with). This is great for both tanky Pokemon that want to stall out their opponents.

And for Brave Bird users that need a little pick-me-up in the middle of their one-hit KO sweep. While this makes the user no longer immune to Ground-type moves, it also removes the Pokemon’s weakness to Electric, Ice, and Rock-type moves. On top of that, if a pure Flying-type Pokemon Roosts, they become Normal type.


Defog is a move that is often overlooked by casual players. On top of that, as of Generation VIII, it also clears opponent-created terrains. It also doesn’t help that it’s a forced HM in Generation IV, or that the in-game description for Defog so criminally under explains the extent of its capabilities. Having said that, all of Defogs primary uses are much more prominent in competitive play, so it can’t really be helped. This alone makes it decent since it can deal with Double-Team spammers and defensive set-ups.


Fast travel is a feature unlocked by players in more recent games. This is an honorary placement more than anything. Before Generation VII, getting the Fly HM was one of the most freeing and glorious moments of the game. While taking an extra turn to attack was annoyingly slow, it could be used strategically to avoid dangerous attacks like a charged-up Bide or Solar Beam. Unlike most other HMs, Fly was a useful move in battle. With a base power of 90 and the fact that it can receive STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus), Fly hit pretty hard.

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