Pokemon: Top 3 useless Balls

There are a lot of Poke Balls that have been introduced in the game-play by the developers over a years, but there are a lot of balls that are also available which are not catching tools that are as useful as others. In this post, we inform you about the Pokemon: Top 3 useless Balls in the game-play.

Pokemon: Top 3 useless Balls

Love Ball

It is also very rare for a trainer to possess a Love Ball or use it over one of the other Poke Balls. The Love Ball made its first appearance in Heart Gold and Soul Silver. The Love Ball increases the chances of catching a Pokemon of the opposite gender. Unless trainers hunt for a shiny or specific gender for breeding, it is very rare for trainers to be hunting for the same species.

Moon Ball

That is a very small amount of Pokemon allotted to an exclusive Poke Ball. The Moon Ball has a great concept. It is a Poke Ball that increases the chances of catching Pokemon that can evolve or have evolved via the Moon Stone. Trainers will likely send out a Poke Ball, Great Ball, or Ultra Ball to catch one of these rather than the Moon Ball. This includes the male and female Nidoran lines, Clefairy line, Jigglypluff line, Skitty line, and Munna line.

 Level Ball

The Level Ball goes completely ignored and becomes a little redundant. The success rate increases depending on the trainer’s Pokemon being less than double, more than double, or four times the wild Pokémon’s level. The Level Ball is likely to succeed for a trainer that has a Pokemon with a much higher level than the wild Pokemon. That is something trainers don’t often look at. Players in the Pokemon games will typically use a Poke Ball, Great Ball, or Ultra Ball, depending on the wild Pokémon’s level.

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