Pokémon: Top 3 Grass starter of all time

This post was about Pokémon: Top 3 Grass starter of all time

Pokemon: Top 3 Grass starter of all time


Bulbasaur was met early in the franchise when he was caught in episode ten of the first season of the Pokemon anime. Being the first Grass-type starter of many, it will always have a special place in the hearts of Pokemon lovers. This Grass and Poison-type Pokemon is known as the “Seed Pokemon.” Bulbasaur and its evolutionary line, including Ivysaur and Venusaur, while are all in the “Monster and Grass” egg group. The original Grass-type starter, Bulbasaur is and has always been a huge fan favorite. With moves like Poison Powder and Seed Bomb, Bulbasaur packs a punch and is a reliable starter. It is known to be so prominent in different parts of the world.


Rowlet is categorized as the “Grass Quill Pokemon,” a title it shares by itself. Introduced in Generation VII, while Rowlet is a dual-type Pokemon: Grass and Flying. It has two great evolutions as well, Dartrix and Decidueye. It is one of two “bird” Pokemon starters featured in the franchise.

Torchic being the other and Piplup surprisingly not being added to that list.


Turtwig has a base stat of 318, the same as Bulbasaur and Chikorita. It may be a tortoise, but the fanfare didn’t pour in slowly at all for this Grass-type starter Pokemon. Introduced in Generation IV as a Sinnoh region starter, Turtwig is known as the “Tiny Leaf Pokemon,” the only one in its category. It has two incredible evolutions throughout its journey. It has the opportunity of being the only starter Pokemon in the franchise to know a stat-raising move when originally given to its trainer. Turtwig and its evolutionary line are all in the “Monster and Grass” egg group. The first evolution is into Grotle, and then to the ever so powerful Torterra.

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