Pokemon: The best moveset for Lugia in Gold and Silver

This post would provide you the information about the Pokemon: The best moveset for Lugia in Gold and Silver, Lugia is a marvel to behold, not only in the game but in Pokemon: the Movie 2000. With access to these strong attacks, there is no reason not to simply throw them all on Lugia. These aren’t only a mix of physical and special attacks, but it also has coverage for many different types in the game.

  • Psychic
  • Aeroblast
  • Waterfall
  • Shadow Ball


This isn’t reliable enough to carry a player throughout the game. Psychic shouldn’t require much explanation, as it’s such a good Psychic-type move. Lugia naturally learns Future Sight, which is a very powerful move, but only hits after two turns. Pokemon: The best moveset for Lugia


This move also has a boosted critical hit ratio, making it easier to wipe out opposing Pokemon. Aeroblast, Lugia’s signature move, is easily the best Flying-type move in the game. Not too many other moves can compete with 100 base powers and 95 accuracy. It is also necessary since Lugia gets no other good Flying-type moves other than the HM for Fly.


Waterfall certainly isn’t the most powerful Water-type move Lugia gets access to, but it’s more useful outside of battle. This is why teaching Waterfall makes sense. It may be difficult to make room for Waterfall, unless that trainer is fine with using three Water moves on one Pokemon. Of course, though, any trainer can use Surf or Hydro Pump in this slot in favor of Waterfall.

Shadow Ball

Lugia already checks Psychic-type moves in the first place. Shadow Ball is a great move on Lugia since it will become a great check to Psychic-type Pokemon. It will help trainers beat the Elite Four member Will, as well as Sabrina, who has one of the toughest Gyms to defeat.

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