Pokemon: Strongest Bug-type moves

This post was regarding the information of Pokemon: Strongest Bug-type moves. Bug-type moves tend to be considerably weaker than moves of any other type in Pokemon. In this article, we are going to tell you about the strongest bug-bite in the game-play.

Pokemon: Strongest Bug-type moves

First Impression

The First Impression only works on the first turn a Pokemon is in battle. First Impression has a Priority of +2, 90 Power, and 100% Accuracy. The +2 Priority allows it to hit before many other increased Priority attacks. If it switches out and comes back in, that resets and it can be used again. It works similar to Fake Out. Only two actual Bug-types can learn the move among the seven totals.


There are no tricks when it comes to Megahorn. Megahorn used to be the signature move of Heracross. Now, it can be learned by a large amount of Pokemon, Bug-type or not. It simply does massive Bug-type damage and nothing else. While its Accuracy is only 85%, it has the highest Power of any Bug-type move at 120.

Attack Order

It is one of the signature moves of Vespiquen. Attack Order also has 90 Power and 100% Accuracy. The increased critical hit ratio is very impactful, as a super effective STAB attack that lands a critical hit would do absolutely insane damage. It deals damage and also comes with an increased chance to land a critical hit.

 Pollen Puff

It does Special damage to opposing Pokemon. Pollen Puff has 90 Power and 100% Accuracy. It was once the signature move of Ribombee, but Generation VIII allowed many more to learn it by TR. Pokemon with the Bulletproof Ability are immune to the attack though. If the target is an ally, it will actually restore up to 50% of the ally’s max HP.

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