Pokemon: New introduced in Johto Pokedex

This post was about Pokemon: New introduced in Johto Pokedex, the Johto region didn’t introduce the same number of new Pokemon that Generation I did, but it certainly had its fair share of exceptional Pokemon despite that.

Pokemon: New introduced in Johto Pokedex


The Scizor is an exceptional physical powerhouse capable of learning several useful setup moves like Agility and Swords Dance. Scizor is another one of the new Steel-types added in Generation II and an evolution to a preexisting Pokemon, Scyther. Like Onix into Steelix, Scizor’s evolutionary method was also new to Generation II.

Holding a particular item while (Metal Coat, in this and Steelix’s case) while being traded. While Scizor’s true power in battle won’t be unlocked until later generations.

It still has plenty of power in Generation II. While this method of evolution may be annoying, it was still a new and interesting concept.


It’s also a premier example of the new Dark-type, showing off just how useful it could be. Tyranitar is a physical powerhouse with impenetrable defenses and enough special attacks to make special moves worth using. While it has a wide array of useful moves, it can make excellent use of Earthquake, Crunch, and Rock Slide. The hulking behemoth is one of only two pseudo-legendaries to date, not to be a Dragon-type. Generation II’s pseudo-legendary certainly lives up to its title.


The moveset is noteworthy. This metallic terror of the skies was one of the first Steel-type Pokemon introduced. Skarmory has an insane 140 base defense. With moves like Rest, Curse, and Drill Peck, Skarmory can dish out just as much damage as it takes. Along with resistance to most physical types in Generation II.

Nothing short of a super-effective move will be able to do any real damage to the sharp-taloned terror. With such a strong start.

It’s no wonder why Steel-types are still regarded as some of the premier defensive Pokemon to this day.

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