Pokemon: Most disliked Grass Pokemon

This post was about the Pokemon: Most disliked Grass Pokemon game-play. The Johto region introduced a solid list of brand new Pokemon after the success of Generation I and Kanto. They added to the incredible list of creatures already included in the franchise. The players of Pokemon would have to give a look at this article.

Pokemon: Most disliked Grass Pokemon


Sunflora just looks annoying. While those are nice, it has a lowly HP stat of 75 and an even worse Speed stat of 30. Its unnecessary smile is enough to make any Pokemon trainer cringe and turn away. Before it gets a chance to show off that Special Attack prowess.

It is going to be wiped out by really any other Pokemon that is quicker. It isn’t incredibly weak, with a base Special Attack stat of 105. Its Special Defense is also 85.


In order to mend that apathy, Tangrowth was introduced in Generation II’s Johto region. That didn’t help. While it was an unneeded evolution. Tangrowth is absolutely hideous and doesn’t do enough to be useful. Tangela is not the first Pokemon that comes to mind when players think of their favorites. Moreover, Tangela only evolves when knowing Ancient Power. That comes along pretty late, considering there are other powerful Grass-types that can be obtained prior to that point.


Ash’s Bayleaf never evolved into Meganium. Meganium’s situation is a bit unfortunate. As the final evolution of a fan favorite, Chikorita, it never got the same screen time. That was its first downfall. Compared to the other final starter forms, Feraligatr and Typhlosion, it was barely touched in the games. That led Pokemon fans to simply not care for it. Even Bayleef was showcased more than Meganium was in the Pokemon anime series.

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