Pokemon: Best ways for the players have broken

Some players have found absurd ways to break Pokemon games. But occasionally, a player will find some insane way of breaking the game, and those glitches can make the rest of the game not even work. Most players run through the various titles without doing anything out of the ordinary and have a fun time while doing so. The best ways for the players have broken

ways for the players have broken
ways for the players have broken

Sky Drop Glitch

The TM Sky Drop could permanently paralyze the target in a double battle. This resulted in Sky Drop being banned in wi-fi battles as well as in tournament play in the competitive scene.

If the player uses Sky Drop, then follows up with Gravity, that target will be permanently paralyzed. However, any double battle was a free win in Black and White if the player had these moves.

Lumiose City Glitch

In Pokemon X & Y, if the player saves and reloads their save in the North or South boulevard of Lumiose City, that savings will be corrupted. Fortunately, The Pokemon Company did address this with an update available in the Nintendo e-shop. The player cannot move or interact with anything in the save file this happens in.

Forcing the player to start a new game. However, it did force a lot of players to lose a bunch of progress and was quite easy to accidentally stumble upon.

Zoroark Glitch

If the player follows Zoroark to its destination, the post-game will start. In the post-game of Black 2 & White 2 on Champion’s Road.

There is a Zoroark that leads the player to N’s Castle. This is truly game-breaking since Black 2 & White 2 prides itself on its amazing post-game.

Which can’t be played if this glitch happens. However, if the player doesn’t complete this route and leaves the Zoroark, they will be soft locked in the initial spot.

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