Pokemon anime: Best Ash’s friends which made him a better trainer

As there are many players who want to play the game of Pokemon and want to know about the whole information about the game-play. Pokemon has plenty of moments where Ash Ketchum learns from his friends on his journey to become a Master. His friends have a lot to do with that improvement. There are some authentic teaching moments that his companions deliver throughout the. Pokemon anime

Pokemon anime
Pokemon anime

Clemont’s Admiration

Ash Ketchum has always been a bit arrogant when it comes to his Pokemon training skills. Clemont did just that. As a Gym leader, Clemont’s admiration for Ash and his abilities meant a lot to the latter. That is what he shows on the outside, but he is often humble when a proven trainer recognizes the actual ability he possesses. Whenever Clemont was around, Ash wanted to be at the height of his powers when it came to battling and being a trainer.

Pikachu’s Existence

Pikachu started it all. Yes, Pikachu is one of Ash’s Pokemon, but no one can argue that the Pokemon is his best friend. They grew together through thick and thin, bonded, and are as close as any trainer and a Pokemon can be. Without Pikachu, Ash would have never gone on his Pokemon journey. They have pushed each other to the limit so many times. Pikachu has made Ash a better trainer just by being his partner.

Goh’s Friendship

Goh is the perfect companion for Ash. After all of this time, Ash finally had a friend in the Pokemon anime that seems to be his equal. While their goals are ultimately different, Goh and Ash are in healthy competition at all times. It isn’t some Gym leader or someone who originally hates the thought of catching Pokemon. Merely being around pushed Ash to his best, accepting the challenges put forth by each other in every region they ventured to.


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