PMWI 2023 Main Stage Day 1 Kicks Off with STE Taking Opening Match as VPE Overtakes in Eliminations

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The PMPL 2023 main stage began with the favourites showcasing their skills on the international stage. Even though Stalwart Esports, the South Asian aces, won the first match, it appears that Vampire Esports is once more proving to be the biggest threat in the lobby.

The team is currently leading with 47 points, despite not having yet won a chicken dinner. Vampire Esports makes up for their lack of victories with their capacity to capture frags all over the map. With 40 and 29 points, respectively, Alter Ego and Stalwarts Esports are in second and third place, respectively.

Mid-Day Recap – PMWI 2023: Main Stage Day 1

Match 1: Teams gave it their all in the intense Sanhok match, even though it was just the initial of 18 matches, to achieve the highest number of eliminations. In Bootcamp, Stalwart Esports was able to claim the top spot without any opposition.

PMWI 2023 - Match 1

They took care not to engage in unnecessary combat with Gaimin Gladiators as they rotated cautiously towards the northwest. Stalwart Esports, the only remaining 3-man team, entered the winning circle as a result of this tactical move.

The threat posed by the Fire Flux team was mitigated by Alter Ego’s intervention, favouring Stalwart Esports. Stalwart Esports won the tournament’s opening chicken dinner with an impressive DBS clutch.

Match 2: Alter Ego made a strong comeback in the following game. Favoured by the circle, they cleverly made use of the zone to block Vampire Esports from accessing the safe area.

PMWI 2023 - Match 2

The match standings were still dominated by Vampire Esports, who managed an incredible 16 eliminations. Despite their aspirations for a higher finish, DRS Gaming was also wiped out in third spot by Vampire Esports’ wrath.

Match 3: Three contenders—Geekay Esports, Vampire Esports, and Fire Flux—played in the third match, which ended with high scores for all three teams. Due to their inability to protect their players, Geekay Esports came in third with 12 eliminations.

PMWI 2023 - Match 3

In the end, a 4v4 duel between Fire Flux and Vampire Esports decided the winner of the match. Vampire Esports once more found it difficult to withstand the assault of Fire Flux. However, Vampire Esports scored an additional 19 points to widen their lead.

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